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FANATIC Carbon Pro 100 7.25" Paddle

This is the latest 100% carbon paddle - super strong and light as a feather.

The Carbon Pro has a super light and responsive 100% 12K Carbon blade and 3K Carbon shaft. (The K represents the carbon weave pattern and the K number is the number of fibres in the bundle).

It has an ultra fast flex response from the tip of the blade right through to the top of the handle (which also shines in the precious 12 K Carbon).

The paddle comes with an integrated ABS blade protector.

Billed as the ultimate in performance paddles, this paddle has a patented union joint (the bit that joins the paddle to the shaft). Moving the connection joint further up the shaft and with a much smoother taper results in unmatched spring and response with every stroke. From the moment your blade enters the water, your energy is converted into forward drive.

This comes in both a 7.25" and a 6.75" blade. They weigh just 530g and 510g respectively. The 7.25" blade width allows for a higher cadence (stroke rate) to allow the paddler to get into a wave easier or get off the mark quickly in a race. The 6.75" is good for lightweight paddlers and long distances, where it can become tiring to push a bigger blade through the water.


Suitable for

Interest : All Rounder/Cruise, Surf (Beginner/Intermediate), Surf (Intermediate/Advanced), Race, Family, Womens, Fitness


Availability: In stock

FANATIC Carbon Pro 100 7.25" Paddle

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