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STARBOARD Bolt Carbon Fixed Paddle

The Bolt is a new high performance addition to the Starboard paddles in 2016. It shares similar characteristics to the race proven Quick Blade V Drive.

Key features include
- a unique square outline and 10 degree angle, which makes it exceptionally direct
- a double concave on the power face, which creates good tracking and power on the initial catch.

The unique double V shape channels the water to the centre of the blade which reduces cavitation. This reduces paddle flutter and ensures all your power is transferred exactly where you want it.

The Bolt is the signature model of 2015 Euro Tour Champion and 2014 World Champion racer Connor Baxter

Suitable for

Interest : All Rounder/Cruise, Surf (Beginner/Intermediate), Surf (Intermediate/Advanced), Race, Womens, Fitness


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Starboard Bolt Carbon Paddle

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