SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga classes have started!  

Doing yoga on a SUP board requires great concentration and the 'instability' of the water surface means you really strengthen your core and improve your balance - much more so than doing yoga on land.  Yoga on water does not excuse any mistakes and needs your full concentration and mindfulness.  

In addition, it's much nicer doing yoga on the water, outsider rather than in a room.  A great energy.  And being gently rocked into “savasana” by the small waves is a beautiful way to finish.  Water can really lead to inner peace.

The classes run for one hour and are held on the Swan River at Freshwater Bay.  Cost is $35 per 90 minute session including board hire ($30 if you bring your own board).  And our instructor is both a qualitifed yoga instructor and SUP coach.

If you want to register your interest, email or call him on 0433 398 110. 

You can read more about our SUP Yoga here.