If you want a laugh, then Rog is definitely the man to hang out with. A true blue Aussie, who loves hard work, football, beer and his water sports.

Birth: Born as a human in 1971, very cute and cuddly no idea how big but definitely not large, Mum was thankful of that.  I was actually quite crook as a newborn as I couldn't keep any food down for a long time, I'm pretty good on the fang now though.

School: I spent the first 3 years of school in Perth at Booragoon Primary before we moved to Karratha and spent 2 years under the guidance and tutilage of the local Nunns at Saint Paul's Primary, where I learnt to swear and caning kids was the norm. We moved suburbs and spent the next 2 years at Pegs Creek Primary, which was pretty much brand new. We managed to destroy the joint pretty quickly. My favourite memories were when the whole school would play British bulldog on the oval before during and after school, we wore no shoes and the school was adjacent Cattteral park which was handy for smooching girls.

After that it was off to Karratha High where daily fights on the oval was the norm. 6 months in we moved back to Perth and I ended up at Applecross High, I didn't do much there.

My best achievement at school was playing King Neptune at the end of school play in grade 7.

Nicknames: The only person that has a nickname for me is my Dad, he calls me "Billy Bunta" I have no idea why.

Roger Goodwin SUP Mentawis

Water Sports: We always had a boat so we spent a lot of time on the water as kids. My first experience with water sports, apart from fishing, was windsurfing. I saw my first sailboard in 1983, I had a go and was instantly hooked. The only down side was having to sell our motorbike to get a sailboard, which is hard to do when you are a bogan in Karratha.

Love: My first real girlfriend just happens to be my wife today. My best friend Maca introduced us at school. It went something like this. Maca: "hey Soph this is dickhead" Soph:"hello dickhead" Needless to say we didn't get together straight away.

Post school: Due to my lack of effort and ability at school I had no chance of any further tertiary experiences so it was off to work for me. Windsurfing was my passion so working in a surf/windsurf shop was my choice, until the shop burnt down. I was then inspired by a windsurf movie by Ray Swartz in which he showed how he pressed wool for a living as it gave him time to windsurf in the afternoon. I thought that sounded alright. It was bloody hard work - as I wasn't very smart it meant I had to lift heavy things.

SUP Boarding: My first SUP experience was at Rotto with Galvo. Scotty McKercher had a couple of boards for us to try, Like windsurfing, I was instantly hooked. We spent many hours on what would be considered very ordinary boards today surfing at Rotto. The fist time I met Galvo was at the 88 windsurfing nationals in Margaret River. It was at the opening party and there was this great big woolly bloke shotgunning cans of emu export in about 5 seconds flat. He must have smashed 10 in 20 minutes, I was very impressed.

Favourite SUP session: My favourite SUP session was at Pools in Fiji. After a very heavy night, we woke to find the swell pumping and absolute glass, surfed for 5 hours straight in perfection. There is no better fun than surfing awesome waves with your mates.

Competitions: My first comp was the 5km classic paddle - I struggled and was shattered at the end. If it wasn't for the clubby girls paddling in front of me, I wouldn't have made it.

Weight now: My current weight is 80 kg. I started out SUP at 84kg.