Birth: 1988 - 10 pounds 10 ounces (good size baby)!

 They called me a ‘white african’ at the hospital because I was born with a mop of black hair (like an afro).
The Early Years: North Cott Primary school then St Hilda’s …
I was a ‘goody goody’ until year 11 when I rebelled and skipped lots of school and hung out with boys (sorry mum and dad who spent lots of $ on school fees). But I still managed to sail through year 12…since then I’ve done a full 180 and now i’m a goody goody  again ha!
I broke the St Hilda’s Yr 4 record for 100m sprint in bare feet - yeww (not sure if it’s been broken since then - I might check haha)! Cross country, high jump, swimming, rowing and water polo were my fave sports at school.
My dad is a bit of a psycho waterman and used to take me surfing down south on big days at Redgate and Huzzas on the shortboard when I was a juvie…I would spend most of my time going over the falls and guaranteed tears every time.
First kiss was at Pinkies - Rottnest circa 2002. Ewww! I used to be a bit of a Cott Boardrider groupie…cringe! Boys may have been one of the main reasons I pursued surfing haha.
Nickname: I've been called Zanny (since year 5) - we all got an adjective to learn and mine was ZANY and it formed from that work…quite fitting really.
Took a gap year after school - competed in Surf Boat racing and achieved 2nd in Australia for U23 girls. Sailed from Tokyo to Guam with my Dad on his yacht. Studied Landscape Architecture at UWA…worked for a couple of years but always wanted to pursue media so went to WAAPA and studied Broadcasting. Presented for a gardening TV show then decided to start my own business Zanny Media - video production.
Sounds cliche but my parents have always been very supportive of my sporting and work choices…
SUP: I used to think SUPing was for kooks but since I started I haven’t looked back - totally addicted to SUP surfing AND flat water.Susannah and her SUP dog
I first met Galvo at the Stand Up Surf Shop - first impression / words that come to mind are: passionate / hyper / intense / hardcore / knowledgable / saltydog
Best start to the day is paddling my Starboard Sprint 23inch from Sandtracks to Swanny on a glassy day.
Worst SUP session was coming in from a surf at Exmouth (amazing surf) and thinking I could ride the shore break into shore - literally nose dived on dry sand in front of several onlookers and broke the nose of my board - kook of the day!!
SUP Comps: Came third in my first flat water sup race and 3rd in my first sup surfing comp…apparently my flatwater sprint style looked like I was doing the worm…I’ve since been working on my technique.
Best SUP comp was surfing the first 2015 state round at Rottnest - Strickland Bay. A girl in my final collided with me - I got winded and there was a hole in my board. I was pretty shaken up half way through the women’s final but it made me even more determined - and I won!
Food: I now follow a high fat, low carbohydrate diet (Paleo).