Nickname: Custard (if you join my names it's in the middle), Midget or some of the SUP crew call me the Homeless guy.



Best results: 12th 2013 Molokai 2 Oahu (2nd in my age division), 5th 2013 Aussie Titles marathon, 1st flat water & downwind WA State Titles 

The Molokai to Oahu race was something I'd heard a lot about due to it's testing nature mentally and physically.  On the morning, I was super prepared and had an emergency plan for anything that could go wrong.  I ate non stop from the moment i got up until i hit the water cause it's a long day potentially without food.  On the start line, I sat on my 17'4 board, put on my head phones and looked out to sea and could just see Oahu and only a slight breeze at my back.  I thought this is going to be the biggest test I've ever faced.  It was.

When the gun went, everyone was drafting but I wasn't feeling it, so i moved into my own space where i found some little bumps i could use and put myself in a good position for the long race ahead.  The bumps where short lived and the race was an epic slog in very unfavourable conditions.  I had my girlfriend mixing camelback drinks on the escort boat which we swapped every 2 hours.  She also communicated to me over my headphones to let me know if i was setting a good course and to head further north or south because u can't just point to the island due to the currents out there.  

After 6 litres of strange drink, 1 gel, 2 pain killers and 2 caffeine tablets, I finally reached the little beach after a 2 mile finish into the wind and over 5 hours of paddling.  The whole day was amazing with so many different emotions but the one that came to me the most was when I'd look up and think "how good is this! I'm in the middle of this bloody amazing ocean standing on a bit of foam"…..  Then after that, the pain would come back.

Favourite board in waves: My favourite board in waves is either my 8'0 DC or my 5'4 HS.  Both are so playful they feel like skateboards!

Favourite board for cruising/fun: NSP/DC any model 

Favourite board for racing: NSP/DC 14X24.5 flatwater race pro ltd

Best SUP day: My best day on a sup was doing the Maui 2 Molokai.  This was a 40 km dw race where we had 25knts of wind and a small swell at our back!  This race shouldn't be called a downwind race it should be called a surfing race!!! You spend a lot of time on the tail of a 17foot board on this perfect run.  If you like to downwind, put it on your bucket list:)

Interests: Obviously SUP, but preferably in the ocean, windsurf, scuba and free dive. Hanging out with my friends, family, Soon to be wifey, Suz (also best pit crew ever at all my races) and my staffy Dexter.