Great SUP Package Deals

We've got some of the best value beginner, intermediate and advanced package deals around. Some of our entry level packages are:  

$899: 9'0 x 30" Deep Six board and SUNS adjustable paddle.  This will suit women and lightweight entry level riders who want a board where you can progress to surfing small waves. Deep Six are designed and tested in Westerrn Australian.

$899: 10'0 x 30" Deep Six board and SUNS adjustable paddle.  This package will suit families and medium sized riders who want a board for easy cruising and catching small waves.   

$1,150: 9'0 x 31 or 9'6 x 32 Stand Up Surf Shop board and adjustable paddle. This package will suit people wanting a smaller, more manageable board, and those who want to progress to catching small waves.  These sizes are ideal for light/medium weight entry level paddler who ultimately progress to small waves without having to change boards. 

$1,500: 9'7 x 32 or 10'3 x 32 or 10'9 x 33 SMIK E-Sea Rider, SUNS fixed or adjustable 35% carbon paddle and a legrope. SMIK is designed by local Western Australian champion and long time SUP designer and tester, Scotty McKercher.

$1,700: 9'6 x 31 Fanatic Diamond, SUNS fixed or adjustable paddle and SMIK board cover. This stunning board is very popular with the ladies.

We can do package deals with any board in the shop. Come in and talk to us, take a few out for a demo and then we'll talk deals on your fave!