Great SUP Package Deals

We've got some of the best value beginner, intermediate and advanced package deals around. For beginners, we have:  

$999: 10'0 x 30" Deep Six board and adjustable paddle.  This package will suit families and larger entry level riders who want a board that can progress to catching small waves.  

The Deep Six boards are designed and tested in WA and manufactured in China. Their design is made to suit WA conditions and they are a relatively lightweight performance board.

$1,150: 9'0 x 31 or 9'6 x 32 Stand Up Surf Shop board and adjustable paddle. This package will suit people wanting  a smaller, more manageable board, and those who want to progress to catching small waves.  These sizes are ideal for light/medium weight entry level paddler who ultimately progress to small waves without having to change boards. 

$1,150: 9'6 x 31 or 10'2 x 32 Squeeze Ocean & Earth board and adjustable paddle. These boards are a great option for the family who wants a SUP to cruise around on. They have a soft top which is very durable, safe for kids and won't cause damage on a boat. The 10'2 will be the best option if you want to throw a few kids on the board with you.  The 9'6 tends to suit ladies or light/medium weight people. 

$1,700: 9'6 x 31" Fanatic Diamond SUP board, Fanatic Diamond paddle and SMIK board cover. This stunning board and paddle combination has been very popular with the girls.