Before I start here is what Fanatic said about it          

“Heads up Longboard riders! If you’re into the classic style of Longboard surfing, this beauty will win over your heart after the first ride. A Stylemaster from nose to toe, with an insane glide.”


Volume: 135L

Recommended User Weight: 55-85 kg

Fittings: 1 × Stylemaster 8” US Center Fin, 2 x Stylemaster 3.5" Futures Side Bites; Honeycomb RTM

RRP $2499

So What did I think?

They have Nailed with this one! I was fortunate enough to ride this board at a Fanatic product launch on Stradbroke Island in June. It was without a doubt my favourite board of the weekend. 

Last week we took delivery of our first load of the Stylemasters. Needless to say I waisted no time in re acquainting my self with this little beauty. Yes it was as good as I remember it working equally well in the head high wave of Stradboke Island and  the variety of waves the my local break,Issolators throws up.

It is obvious to see the shape been influenced by Longboard surfing. Motivation to create it came about because the clever people at Fanatic listened to the requests from people like us asking for a high- end performance long board. The board has a flattish- rocker line, domed deck and really tight surfboard style rails. The combination of these ingredients really do work. this board also has a wide nose leaving plenty of room for those who love to play on the nose. The bottom shape is complexed with a single concave into double concave / V bottom towards the tail.  The fin set is a really well matched long board style 2+1 set . Again they got this right and in doing this Fanatic have bucked the trend of a lot manufacturer who are tending to over fin their boards.

From an average punters point of view (my opinion), the package really works, allowing incredibly easy wave catching and even better performance once on.

The surprise for me was that this board is pretty damn quick allowing plenty of time to make critical sections. 

My only caution on this board would be that is not the lightest board we sell. Fanatic make  boards  as light any other manufacture so we can only assume this weight is by design to maintain strength in such wafer thin railed board. What is more important is that I really don’t believe the weight affects the board performance. The stylemasters domed deck may not to be to everybody's initial liking and is likely to be a talking point. Personally I found that it quickly became comfortable and aided  my rail control further adding to the performance of the board. I strongly suspect we are going to see other boards adopt similar deck rail profiles. 

I found the Stylemaster to be fast, responsive and timber finish deck really tasty to the eye. The rest of the crew at the shop also loved their days on the the Stylemaster.  Cam’s summary was its just a “super fun board”. 


This is a board that brought a smile to a grumpy old mans dial. If you are looking for a thoroughbred long board style SUP that enable you to catch more waves while offering high end performance - this little puppy is definitely worth a demo.  

Score out 5

4 BIG Juicy pineapples / 5


I hope you have found this review helpful. If you would like to organise a demo just give us a call at the shop.


SUSS (StandUpSurfShop) Sandy