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SMIK stand up paddle boards are THE Western Australian SUP brand to watch. They're made by local legend Scott McKercher, who has almost 30 years of board design and development.
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Start your days like this......Good morning Scotty!
Perfect for river cruising and exploring our magnificent country
Stable enough that you won't fall off popping over waves



SMIK founder, Scott, is a previous world wavesailing champion and initially started with Starboard as a sponsored rider, designer and tester of windsurfing boards. When stand up paddle boarding hit the scene, Scott jumped straight into SUP - as both a designer and tester. He was probably the first person to bring a SUP into Australia in 2007. He still designs a popular range of stand up paddle boards for Starboard, but recently branched out to develop his own line of stand up paddle boards. And this is all with the blessing of Starboard, which shows an impressive level of mutual respect. 

With eight years of SUP riding under his belt, Scott can hold his own amongst the SUP surfers. He's even managed to win a SUP State Round against the Jakovich brothers. If you're near good waves in WA, chances are you'll probably spot Scott - just doing a bit of 'testing'.

SMIK SUP Beginner Boards

The SMIK SUP boards are refreshing in their appearance. They have a construction and finish quality that is outstanding for their price point.  

SMIK E-Sea Rider is a basic entry level SUP board that will suit most families. It's a wide, stable board that feels light for its price, is well constructed and can progress you to riding small waves. It comes in two colour options and three sizes so you can pretty well find a great first SUP board within the SMIK range. The choices on offer are:

•     E-Sea Rider Colour options - yellow/blue or deep purple/blue

•     E-Sea Rider Size options -  9'7", 10'3" and 10'9

The 9'7" will suit entry level riders up to 80kg. It is a good choice for lighter riders who don't feel confident on the water, as the width gives great stability.  

The 10'3" is better suited for those in the 80 - 100kg weight range or those who want a board for the whole family. It's easy to handle and also stable enough to throw the kids or your dog on with you.  

The 10'9" is great for people over 100kg or families who want to have more than one child on the board with you.  

SMIK are also a good choice for entry level his and her boards. You can each choose the colour you like and the size that suits!  


There's not many people around with more experience and credentials to design surf SUPs. Anyone who knows owner/designer Scotty McKercher, knows this is what he lives for. 

Spitfire - High Performance Advanced Riders

The Spitfire is built to perform as close as possible to shortboard surfing. It's the high performance surf SUP in the SMIK range.

If you want to pull into barrels and do critical surf moves, this is definitely the board for you. Scotty regularly rides the Spitfire in the sucky beach breaks and powerful reef breaks of Margaret River. Quite simply, it shreds and can handle waves of any size.   

It comes in four sizes for different weight riders.  

•    8'2 x 27.5 for riders 65-85kg

•    8'3 x 29.5 for 75-90kg

•    8'8 x 31.5 for 85-105kg

•    9'5 x 32 for 90-115kg.

SMIK Longboard Surf SUPs

Short Mac - Intermediate riders moving towards advanced

This is the perfect step down board for the rider who might want to progress towards the Spitfire but isn't quite ready yet. It sits between the longer surf SUPs and the Spitfire.

The Short Mac has parallel rails which give it great drive and speed. The squared nose makes it easy to paddle for it's size. And the pulled in tail gives the board a good carving ability and a really responsive feel. At 8'7 x 29.5, it still has good stability. The width is carried through a good section of the board, so it helps you progress towards a narrower surf SUP but still feels stable for it's size.

It suits an 60-85kg rider who mainly surfs small waves around Perth, but does the occasional trip to over head high waves at places like Rotto.   

Long Mac - Beginner/Intermediate Riders

This is a great all round cruiser that surfs better than a 10' board should. As the name suggests, it's the bigger brother of the Short Mac.

The squared nose makes it an easy to paddle board with glide comparable to a longer board. It's got a single concave from the nose to the middle section, followed by a double concave into the tail rocker. And that's what gives it the good turning ability. 

It's a perfect board for someone with a little bit of surfing experience to learn and prrogress through to head high waves. It best suits those weighing 70-100kg.  

Style Lord - Longboard Surf Style - Intermediate/Advanced Riders

The ultimate in longboard surf. With the growing trend in 10' longboard style riding, this is the board to get if you want to take out the division. In it's first competition appearance, the SMIK Style Lord took out first place in the inaugral Wedge Island Shaka in 2016.  

It's got a rounded nose and has that classic mal shape. It's got beautiful refined rails and a domed deck which are great for carving. There's great balance through the board for nose riding. And the parallel rails help to generate speed so you can make the most of small sections.   

SMIK Construction

SMIK are built in the IQC (innovation Quality Composites) factory. IQC has a unique molding process, which allows for a level of incredible accuracy and precision in board shapes that has previously been unattainable. Because Scotty's been designing and developing boards overseas for so long, he knows this factory will produce the exact board every single time.

SMIK boards come in two constructions.

The entry level E-Sea Rider range is a Bamboo PVC construction. This provides a high quality construction at a good weight for the price.  

The SMIK surf SUPs come in a PVC Carbon consruction, which give a lightweight feel with great strength. Scott lives and surfs in Margaret River, so you can feel pretty confident that they'll be able to withstand whatever swells the Indian Ocean can throw. 


Set Descending Direction
  • SMIK 9'7 x 32 E-Sea-Rider

    SMIK 9'7 x 32 E-Sea-Rider

    Beginner, Intermediate

    All Rounder/Cruise, Surf (Beginner/Intermediate), Womens

    An great entry level board for girls and lighter weight guys
  • SMIK SUP E-Sea Rider

    SMIK E-Sea Rider 10'9 x 33


    All Rounder/Cruise, Surf (Beginner/Intermediate)

    An great entry level for a heavier guy and all round family fun
  • SMIK Spitfire 9'5

    SMIK Spitfire 9'5 x 32

    Intermediate, Advanced

    Surf (Intermediate/Advanced)

    A high performing surf SUP for serious waves and heavier riders
  • SMIK Long Mac

    SMIK Long Mac 10' x 32

    Beginner, Intermediate

    All Rounder/Cruise, Surf (Beginner/Intermediate), Family

    A great all round cruiser that surfs better than a 10' board should
  • SMIK Spitfire 8'3

    SMIK Spitfire 8'3 x 29.5


    Surf (Intermediate/Advanced), Kids

    A high performing surf SUP with a little more stability than the 8'2 SMIK
  • This is the perfect step down board for the rider who might want to progress towards the Spitfire but isn't quite ready yet. It sits between the longer surf SUPs and the Spitfire.  The Short Mac has parallel rails which give it great drive and speed. The

    SMIK Short Mac 8'7 x 29.5

    Intermediate, Advanced

    Surf (Intermediate/Advanced)

    A perfect step down from a longboard surf SUP
  • SMIK Spitfire 8'8

    SMIK Spitfire 8'8 x 31.5

    Intermediate, Advanced

    Surf (Intermediate/Advanced), Kids

    A high performing surf SUP for serious waves and 85kg+riders
  • SMIK Spitfire 8'2

    SMIK Spitfire 8'2 x 27.25


    Surf (Intermediate/Advanced), Kids

    The highest performing surf SUP in the SMIK range - wave attack mode!
  • SMIK Style Lord

    SMIK Style Lord 10' x 30

    Beginner, Intermediate

    Surf (Beginner/Intermediate), Surf (Intermediate/Advanced)

    A heat winning, classic longboard style SUP

Set Descending Direction