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Starboard SUP

Starboard SUP is one of the largest global producers of stand up paddle boards and our own Scotty McKercher, designs and tests many of the boards in WA.
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Starboard company owner, Svein Rasmussen has been a regular visitor to WA over the years and has always strongly supported our local talent and ensured Starboard SUP boards perform well in our conditions.

With a massive passion for just getting people into the sport, Svein has focused Starboard on family and fun.  The all round SUP board range (like the Whopper, Avanti and Cruiser) are the world’s most popular.  

But the Starboard SUP boards are also leaders in high performance.  Team rider Connor Baxter is currently number one in the SUP racing world and Fiona Wylde is a regular on the women's podium. Two times world tour champion, Izzy Gomez, is the current ISA SUP Surf women's world champion.

2018 Special Deals

We've got a Whopper Deal for the family. A bag, paddle and legrope with every 10x34 Starboard Whopper. Just $1,899 for a 2018 Starboard Whopper (10x34), SUNS Bag, SUNS 55% paddle and leg rope (usual retail value is $2,400).  Or board only for $1,650.

2017 & 2018 Starboard SUP Boards

We've got some great all round Starboard SUP boards in store, including the Avanti, Whopper and GO.

Starboard SUP Demo

We demo most of the Starboard Stand Up Paddle boards that we stock so that you can make sure you get the right board for you. You just need to come in, grab the board and give it a go where and when you want. 

Great Beginner/All-Rounder Package Deals - Board, Paddle & Legrope

There's a big range in the Starboard models. Let us find the right board for you and we'll do a custom package deal.

Starboard SUP Construction Options


These give the usual Starboard quality at an attractive price. Key features include an Australian Pine wood layer for extra deck impact resistance and rigidity and precision molding for extra strength and precise surfaces. 
In 2017, improvements to the Starshot construction include a more comfortable ledge handle and waste reducing alternate colour deck grips. Some beginner models also come wtih rail tape. 


This board is stylish looking, with a slightly higher spec construction and lighter feel than the Starshot.

By introducing a new technology of infusing the paint within the resin, the boards eliminate extra weight gained through adding layers of paint. Another benefit of this technology is that it eliminates the chance of paint chipping because it's in the resin. Hence the boards essentially offer scratch proof rails.

The introduction of carbon innegra bands along the rails also provide extra rigidity at a reduced weight. The introduction of innegra acts as an absorption agent, which reduces the fragility of carbon.

The deck is Australian Pine and biaxial reinforced glass that give it extra protection against impacts. And full bio resin infusion that is better for the environment. 

Wood / Pine Tek

Wood boards give that beautiful old school feel to a really modern, lightweight board. For strength, these boards have ding-resistant rails and an impact resistant wood deck. They also come with a full PVC clear UV protection film to ensure the wood finish stays looking good for years to come. 

Blue Carbon

Somewhat expensive, but oh so sweet. Once you go carbon, you can never really go back. The brushed carbon construction makes these the worlds lightest stand up paddle boards. Other key features of the brushed carbon:

      •    The strongest build method
        •    The quickest response
          •    Full deck and bottom wrap of biaxial carbon
            •    Full deck and bottom wrap of high density foam
              •    Fused Cell core
                •    Hexcel centre and side fins
                  •    Ultralight deck grip and paint job. 

The Starboard Blue Carbon is one of the most attractive Carbon boards avaiable today. 

Set Descending Direction
  • STARBOARD Hypernut 7'2 Wood

    STARBOARD Hypernut 7'2 Wood


    Surf (Intermediate/Advanced)

    Regular Price: $2,399.00

    Special Price: $1,300.00

    A super manoeuvrable board that's perfect for tearing up mushy beach breaks.
  • STARBOARD Hypernut 7'4 Electric

    STARBOARD Hypernut 7'4 Electric


    Surf (Intermediate/Advanced)

    Regular Price: $2,150.00

    Special Price: $1,300.00

    A super manoeuvrable board that's perfect for tearing up mushy beach breaks.
  • STARBOARD Avanti Carbon 11'2" x 36 SUP 2017

    STARBOARD Avanti Carbon 11'2" x 36

    Beginner, Intermediate

    All Rounder/Cruise, Surf (Beginner/Intermediate), Family

    Regular Price: $3,200.00

    Special Price: $2,700.00

    The big boys board.
  • STARBOARD Avanti Starlite 11'2" x 36 SUP 2017

    STARBOARD Avanti Starlite 11'2" x 36

    Beginner, Intermediate

    All Rounder/Cruise, Surf (Beginner/Intermediate), Family

    Regular Price: $1,900.00

    Special Price: $1,700.00

    The big boys board.
  • starboard go starshot wave 10 8 x 31 sup

    STARBOARD GO Starshot Wave 10'8 x 31

    Beginner, Intermediate

    All Rounder/Cruise, Family, Fitness

    A great flat water cruiser for the whole family
  • starboard go starshot wave 10-2 x 29 sup

    STARBOARD GO Starshot Wave 10'2 x 29

    Beginner, Intermediate

    All Rounder/Cruise, Womens, Fitness

    An innovative flat water cruising board for those who want to cover some miles
  • starboard whopper starlite 10 0 x 34 sup 1

    STARBOARD Whopper Starlite 10'0 x 34

    Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

    All Rounder/Cruise, Surf (Beginner/Intermediate), Kids, Family, Womens

    Regular Price: $1,899.00

    Special Price: $1,650.00

    One of our most popular and versatile boards for the whole family

Set Descending Direction