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Suitable stand up paddle boards for boating include inflatable SUP boards and soft top stand up paddle boards with strong construction.


Inflatable SUP boards are great for travelling and use on boats
Life's not too hard if your SUP board is a tender for this baby
You can go just about anywhere with a SUP board these days

Nine out of ten boards sold in Europe are inflatables, so the designers are putting significant effort into making these boards work well.

Inflatable SUP's suit those who don’t have much space and just want to get out and have a bit of fun every now and again. They're good for travelling and boating. Easy to use for cruising around the bays at Rotto or using as a tender. 

The Fanatic inflatable comes in two sizes. The Fanatic Diamond Air 9'8 x 32" has similar styling and performance characteristics of the Fanatic Diamond, but with the convenience of an inflatable. This is a great cruise option for the girls. 

The Fanatic Fly Air 10'4 x '33" is the best choice for a family board or the boat tender. It's big enough to put the kids on and row everyone safely to shore.  

If storage on your boat is not an issue, a Soft Top is a great option. A soft top is made of high density foam, meaning no chipping, dinging or marking either your boat or your board. In recent years, there's been a big improvement in construction. Boards shifted away from soft bottoms and soft rubber fins to a harder epoxy bottom and fibreglass fins. This has made this style of board much more versatile than before.

The Ocean and Earth Soft Top and the Starboard ASAP (as strong as possible) are perfect boards to chuck on the boat. They handle the WA sun fairly well, they won’t dent or scratch your boat when you’re going over choppy seas and they're safer for kids. These are the boards we use in the Perth Stand Up Paddle School because they're really strong, easy to use and they're not intimidating. You can also use them as a low cost tender to get to and from the shore. And if there's a little wave at Transits, you can go and have fun! 


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