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Stand up paddle boarding is rapidly growing as a really enjoyable way to increase your fitness and core strength.


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Move your Yoga session from the Gym to the Ocean
Stand Up Paddle boarding is a great way to explore stunning areas and keep you fit

Any form of SUP boarding will get you fit and improve your core strength and balance across your whole body.  But if you are looking for a specific SUP board for fitness, there are two key things to consider first off.

Do you want to get fit primarily by paddling long distances or do you want to get fit by doing a bit of surfing, as well as allwater paddling? 

Ultimately, the best board for fitness is the one that you'll use the most.

Long Distance

If you mainly want to get fit by paddling long distances over flat water, get yourself a longer board with good glide.  If you’ve got a competitive streak, it’s worth considering a race board as you can really travel fast and far.

Race & Surf

If you want to properly train, paddle distances and catch a few waves as well, a longer, narrower SUP surfboard may suit.  Realise that this won’t turn quite as easily on the wave as a shorter SUP surfboard, but the shorter boards as not as good as gliding on the flat water so it’s a compromise that you’ll just need to make.  You can definitely still have fun on the waves with the longer boards though. 


As usual, your weight also makes a difference to the board type.  So whilst narrower boards generally have better glide, those of us on the heavier side do need to go a little wider.

Fitness Classes

Perth Stand Up Paddle School runs regular fitness classes and SUP boards are provided if you need. 

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