We're here to help you find the right board

There’s a lot of SUP boards out there and our job is to find the right one for you. What’s perfect for one person isn’t necessarily right for another. You need to consider your experience, weight, what you want the Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board for, who else might want to use it, and what conditions you think you’ll use it in.

We’ve outlined some information to help you choose your SUP board, but if you’d just prefer to come in for a chat and let us work it all out, you’re quite welcome. That’s what we’re here for.

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  • Entry Level

    The most critical element for an entry level SUP board is stability.
    It’s best to choose boards that are at least 30" wide.

  • All Rounder

    An all rounder SUP is a stand up paddle board that you can use just for cruising around on flat water or catching a few waves.
    It's a board the whole family can enjoy & have fun on.

  • Women

    Women are taking up stand up paddle boarding by storm. And manufacturers have responded well with some great boards designed for women.

  • Surf

    Whether you just want to play around on Perth waves or you want to take on bigger more solid reef breaks, we can find your perfect SUP board.

  • Foiling

    Froth on the new trend of Foil boarding.
    Fly silently and smoothly above the ocean.
    Ride anything from smooth glassy waves to small onshore bumps.

  • Fitness

    Stand up paddle boarding is a proven and really enjoyable way to increase your fitness and core strength.

  • Kids & Teens

    You'll be amazed at how young children are able to stand up paddle by themselves.
    It's not uncommon to see a six year old master the art and be able to turn the board and paddle by themselves.

  • Inflatable SUPs

    Inflatable SUPs are ideal for travelling, boating or when your storage space is limited.

  • Boating

    Suitable stand up paddle boards for boating include inflatable SUP boards and soft top stand up paddle boards with strong construction.

  • Race

    Stand Up Surf Shop stock a wide range of race boards.
    Not just for racing, these boards deliver efficiency on the water making them perfect for fitness training.