TIPS for first time paddlers

The key thing for an entry level SUP board is that width gives you stability, and length gives you glide.

Lighter weight paddlers who want to cruise in flat water can probably start on a stand up paddle board that is 30″ wide. Heavier paddlers then need to go wider. Someone who is 130kg is probably best starting on a SUP that is 36″wide.

Modern SUP boards are much lighter than some of the older SUP’s, so handling the board is much easier than you think.

We’re also happy to show you how to get your board on and off the car, and secure it safely.

If you’ve not had much water experience, why not join us for a lesson. We can show you all the basics to get you up and paddling with confidence.

The most critical element for a beginner’s stand up paddle board is stability.
It’s best to choose boards that are at least 30”+ wide.

Choosing your first SUP

To help narrow your choice, ask yourself these questions first:

  • Where do I mainly want to use my SUP? In flat water, small waves, or long paddles for fitness?
  • Who will use it? Which adults, how much do they weigh, any kids?
  • What’s my level of experience? Have I been on a SUP before? Am I used to water sports?

Then you can do any or all of the following to help select your first SUP.

  • Use our online Board Finder tool. Just select your weight, level and interest and review what boards best suit you.
  • In Person: Pop into the shop – we’re always happy to have a chat and a coffee.
  • Try before you buy: We have over 30 different Stand Up Paddle boards that you can demo. You just need to come in, grab the board, and give it a go where and when you want.

We understand it’s an investment for you and we’re committed to making sure you get the board that is absolutely right for you.

Great Entry Level Package Deals

We’ve got some of the best value entry level package deals around.

$1,200: Stand Up Surf Shop All Rounder Board – 9’0 x 31 or 9’6 x 32 or 10 x 33.5  and 35% carbon fixed or adjustable paddle, fins and leg rope. The two smaller sizes will suit people under 80kg’s wanting a smaller, more manageable board, and those who want to progress to catching small waves. The 10′ is the perfect option for families or larger riders.

$1,495:  SUNS Cruise –  9’4 x 31″, 9’8 x 32″, 10’4 x 32″ or 11’1 x 33″ SUNS 35% carbon paddle (fixed or adjustable), SUNS bag, fin and leg rope. As the name suggests, these boards are perfect cruising all rounders, with sizes to suit everyone.

$1395: NSP Allrounder – 9’8 x 32″, 10’0 x 32″ or 10’6 x 32″ Sunova 80% carbon paddle (fixed or adjustable) fins and leg rope. It’s refined shape and universal accessibility make it a world wide favourite.

We can customise a package with any of our boards to suit your needs, just come in and have a chat.

Family SUP Boards

Great all purpose family boards are generally those in the 10’0 plus range. They can easily fit most adults and a small child. Go a little wider (32″ or more) for added stability if you do want something you can pop your kids on while you paddle.

Our most affordable entry level options include the Stand Up Surf Shop All Rounder and SUNS Cruise. Both have full deck grip from nose to tail, making them very family friendly.

If you want to up the spec in design, construction and looks, great options include the Starboard Whopper & Sunova One.

Or you might also want to think about an inflatable SUP.

  • There’s no hard rails or deck
  • They don’t take much space
  • They’re not intimidating for anyone to learn on.

We stock the global leader in inflatable SUPs – Red Paddle Co.

There are no boards currently listed.