Flatwater Racing vs Downwinders

When choosing the right race board, there are some differences for flatwater racing versus downwinders.

  • Downwind SUP racing boards tend to have more volume or rocker in the nose to pop over waves.
  • Flat water boards tend to have less rocker to maximise waterline length.

If you want to get an edge over your competitors, the major brands do specialised boards for either flat water or downwinders.

But if you can only buy one SUP race board, there are some fast all water options. These suit races like the Doctor, where you might have to race in both flat water and downwind conditions. Or they suit a person who is just getting into racing and only wants to buy one board.

Stand Up Surf Shop stock all types of race boards. You can use them as your first board, all the way through to proven race winning designs that can get you to first place.

SUP Race Board Design

We’ve got some of the fastest SUP race boards for Western Australia’s conditions.

Fast SUP race boards are generally long, slender and light. They look very different to other stand up paddle boards, having a much narrower hull. This is faster because:

  • it allows the paddle to pass closer to the centre line of the board, making each stroke more efficient and more balanced
  • a slender hull produces less wave drag.

However, the narrower the board, the less stability and buoyancy. So you do need some SUP experience to use these boards.


Our Top Picks For SUP Racing

Our favourite all water SUP race boards are the Sunova Unlimited Faast Pro and Fanatic Blitz (coming soon). These are best for general ocean conditions.

Our fastest flat water race boards is the Sunova Flatwater Faast Pro.

For downwinders like King of the Cut, the Sunova Ocean Faast Pro and the Sunova Unlimited Pro will give you the best chance of crossing the line in first place.

Just come in and have a chat and we’ll get you on the fastest board.