• Jan 22, 2020

    Now You Can Stay Fit and Healthy While Having Fun in Nature

    Check Out Our 6 Week Fitness and Skill Program

  • Jul 05, 2019

    The importance of ‘try before you buy

    Buying a Stand Up Paddle board is a big investment and you want to know that you are getting the right board for your hard earned dollars. The best way of finding the right board for you, is getting on it. At Stand Up Surf Shop we offer free demos 7 days a week.

  • Jul 05, 2019

    The ‘Core’ Workout

    One of the biggest ‘buzz’ words we hear in the shop is how good of a ‘core workout’ Stand Up Paddling is. Absolutely can you get a damn good core workout from Stand Up Paddling. But an important but lesser known factor is how you get it.

  • Jul 05, 2019

    Catching Your First Wave

    A few tips to help ease your way into waves

  • Jul 05, 2019

    Reading The Weather

    There's a lot of weather information out there, but how do you read it and know where to go?

  • Jul 05, 2019

    How To Improve Your Paddle Technique

    Get some tips from our ISAF qualified Instructor, Nicki Jones, to make your paddling more powerful and efficient.

  • Jul 05, 2019

    How to Stand Up Paddle Board

    Learning how to Stand Up Paddle Board is not hard. And with a few tips, you'll be up and paddling in no time.

  • Jul 05, 2019

    Gift Vouchers

    Stand Up Surf Shop Gift Vouchers are available for lessons or SUP products. Choose any amount you like and get it straight away.

  • Jul 05, 2019

    The Dragons Are Coming

    For the first time ever in Western Australia, we'll be hosting a Dragon inflatable SUP event. We're super excited!