Perth Stand Up Paddle School founder is one of the most humble and grounded people you'll meet. Despite his exceptional rise in the sport, he's had as many embarrassing moments as the rest of us when learning.

Birth: 1984. Mum was sure I was going to be a girl as I was so different to my brother during pregnancy. Now I am the hairiest out of everyone!

Education: Went to school on Sydney's Northern Beaches. I made the honors list for PDHPE in High School in my High School Certificate. Played School Boy Rugby at State Level.

Since then, finished a Business Management Degree at Newcastle University and a Graduate Diploma in Primary School Teaching at ECU.

Nicknames: I was always the short, fat kid with blonde hair, so much so that I got the nickname Barney Rubble.

Cameron McKay Stand Up Paddle Board Perth InstructorWater Sports: Can't remember the first time as I have always been around water. Gave nippers a go as a grommet and lasted 1 week as we weren't allowed in the water and I realised I could have more fun being at the beach with Dad.

Post school: Went to Uni straight out of school and within a week of finishing my final exam I had left the country to go to Canada. Spent the next 3 years travelling working all sorts of jobs, including a surf instructor in Portugal for 3 months.

Parents reaction: My parents still don't think I have a proper job!

Worst SUP session: 2012 State Round at Yallingup, 4-6 ft and 15knt onshore, slipped off on my first wave and then managed to cop a 6 wave set on the head before my leg rope snapped and then had to swim in.

Competitions: First event was the Classic Paddle a 5km sprint. Showed up with not too many expectations as I had only been paddling for a month and it was more of a personal challenge. Finished that and then 2 months later decided to undertake the Dr.

A result I am proud of is being the only person to ever win the 111km Hawkesbury Challenge back-to-back. The first year I had no idea what to expect and was quite nervous and again it was a personal challenge to complete it, let alone win it. However I had been told you only have to paddle 60km and the rest is mental. Managed to finish that year 2:30 behind the race record. The following year I felt a lot more confident, relaxed and knew what to expect and managed to beat the race record by 3 hours!

Current Weight: 75kg depending how much chocolate I have been eating and how much training I have been doing.