Stand up paddle boarding is an ideal sport for cross training for athletes of any sport. Doing exercise on an unbalanced surface like the water trains new neural coordination between muscle groups, including the legs, back, feet, arms, neck and stomach. It uses the whole body to build new core muscle strength and balance. And these benefits are highly transferable to other sports by helping to provide the explosive strength that is often required. Traditional resistance training simply builds strength in a stable environment and the nature of sport is rarely that stable or controlled.


If your sporting club wants to try stand up paddle boarding as a form of cross training, contact Cameron on 0433 398 110 / or use the enquiry form below. We can arrange suitable times and a location to fit in with your sporting group. We can do one offs or arrange regular sessions. We supply boards and can cater for up to 24 people.


Cross training sessions are run by qualified and highly experienced SUP instructors. Cameron-McKay, who heads up the Paddle School, teaches the SUP cross training. Cameron is a successful competitive SUP boarder and also has a Diploma of Education.