Nicki Jones

Born in ’73 and Gemini is my star sign. I have a split personality – just ask my husband!

Birth: Conceived in the back seat of my parents VW Combi van somewhere in France. Mum and Dad’s European adventures cut a little short so I could be born an Aussie here in Perth.

School: High School life started at John Curtin right here in Freo, I was part of the special Ballet program. I switched to Leeming Senior High School for year 9. It was a brand new school in our local area. Pretty ironic that we now live 5 minutes from JC and my two youngest attend and love it.

Good results achieved in school: I excelled at school, depending on which personality woke up that morning! I could be brilliant… or not. I especially loved dance and theatre arts, which I was lucky enough to still do at Leeming. My Dance teacher played a big part in shaping my later teenage years.

Funny memories about your time at school: I was either a goody two shoes at high school, wearing a tie when it wasn’t part of the uniform! Or I was wagging! I’m an all or nothing kinda girl. I was banned form going to my Year 10 dinner dance for doing the above mentioned activity.

Post school: I’ve been to ECU, Murdoch and Curtin but I still don’t have a degree. I get bored easily! I briefly entertained the idea of becoming a striper, so my parents were pretty happy I didn’t go ahead with that one. 

First boyfriend: 14 – way too young to have a boyfriend! But I was in love!  He was a Wesley boy and wore a tie. I was obsessed with ties! We got into way too much mischief!!

Nicknames: My Dad and brother call me Nickers – it sounds weird but it isn’t. My hubby calls me Smithy (my maiden name) or Hemy (the squirrel from the kids cartoon "Over the Hedge". If you haven’t seen it - do it!) 

Water sports: We went to Port beach lots when I was little. I just remember it being sandy and hot! I did however learn to sail with my Grandpa. He was a very keen sailor and I spent a lot of my summer holidays with him at my Grandparents house in Applecross and at the South Perth Yacht Club. I wished I had spent more time with him as I got older. He could have taught me so much more. I got more involved with the ocean when my own kids were old enough to go to nippers. I became an age group manager and started to want to be on the water more and more. 

SUP: First time supping was at Gnarabup in Margs about 6 years ago! Literally thrown in the deep end. Had no idea what I was doing. But bought a board straight away and have been SUPing ever since.

How you met Mike Galvin: Think I met Galvo at Rotto a few years back. I have a few stories but he’s my boss so I will keep them to myself!

Favourite SUP Session: On a recent trip to Bali we stayed in Sanur. We didn’t take our own boards and were pretty stoked to get to the Rip Curl Surf School to see a few SMIK’s available to hire. I grabbed a Short Mac and the surf was good. Being out on the water sharing the waves with my hubby, daughter and brother was awesome!

Worst SUP Session: Pretty much every time in the surf results in some kind of kook move for me! The cockroach is my specialty. I am much more comfortable on flat water!

First time competing in SUP: My first race was a small bop/tech race in Rockingham. I was on a 10’ Coreban! I saw these guys (Marcus and Cam- but I didn’t know them at the time) rock up on 12’6 race boards and I was like “I want one of those”!  I loved it.  The thing about SUP is the people and the community. I walked away knowing that it was going to be something I wanted to really get into. I bought a 12’6 Fanatic (still have it!) and started training.

Best SUP comp result: Definitely my win a few years back at the Starboard Black Blade. Yes…I beat Belinda! Hasn’t happened again… I also competed in the 2015 KeNalu Australian Flat Water SUPFEST at the Sydney International Regatta Centre in Penrith. Racing with the amazing Penelope Strickland! The women I met that weekend, Terene Black and Jean Ringrose and Jacgui Hockaday have been such an inspiration for me. I made some wonderful friends from all over Australia. I was pretty happy to come away with a 2nd place in the 200m over 40 women.