Jul 05, 2019 | By Mike Galvin

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas Under $20

Why not buy a floating phone case, waterproof wallet or water key pouch. They can help keep your valuables – mobile, keys, money or jewellery – safe and dry when you’re on the water. Visit our On The Water accessories page for more detail.

Or get 3.5m plastic tie downs – suitable for short trips to the beach and back.

Christmas Gift Ideas Under $50

Who doesn’t need a set of 4m Heavy Duty or 3.5m Metal Tie Downs for road trips?

Sick of carrying your board to the break? Get a set of comfy SUP/Longboard carry straps. They are purpose built for SUP and even come with a paddle holder and bum bag for sunscreen and keys.

If you’ve got an inflatable SUP (or other inflatable toys) and an air compressor, this electric pump adaptor can let you pump your inflatable toys with your air compressor.

If leaving the keys hidden under the wheel hub makes you nervous, get this combination, lockable key vault to keep your keys safe while you’re on the water.

Christmas Gift Ideas Under $100

Running out of floor space to store your boards? Get this super clever board hoist ceiling rack and keep them off the ground

OR fix your board to the wall with these removable wall racks for a single board.

We’ve also got a good range of leg ropes to suit any type of conditions, including some fancy new coil leggies.

If you’re parking in cities or travelling to dodgy places, get some lockable tie downs to keep your boards safe.

Get a pack of Shark Eyes board stickers to lower your risk on the water.

We’ve also got plenty of rashies and other water clothing in store.

Christmas Gift Ideas Under $200

Give someone special a one-on-one coaching session to improve your SUP surfing, learn how to catch waves or learn how to foil.

Neaten up your shed and store your boards on the wall with this wall mounted stack rack or up on the celing with this T-Bar ceiling rack.

If you live near the beach or a river, a SUP Trolley could be ideal. No parking hassles, no sand in the car, great exercise and great for the environment. We have trolleys that fit one or two boards.

These portable soft racks are perfect for people who are always swapping cars or have a car that doesn’t have a roof gutter.

Save yourself some time and energy with the Red Paddle Titan Pump. This pump really does make pumping your inflatable SUP, kite and toys a lot faster and easier.

Christmas Gift Vouchers

There’s bound to be something to tickle their fancy so why not give a gift voucher so they can choose? It can go towards a board, paddle, bag or any of the hundreds of super fun items we have in store.

Simply give us a call on 9335 5636 or email us at info@standupsurfshop.com.au or pop in the store. Either way, we can get it to you straight away and make your gift shopping just that little bit easier.