Globally, a massive trend has started to use Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding as a way to get fit. It's fun, outdoors, and builds core strength across all the vital muscle areas.


We currently run six week courses of 'easy' stand up paddle boarding fitness classes, designed more for the beginner paddler to improve paddle boarding skills.  

In these classes, we learn a new skill each week, practice it and also enjoy a good work out. It's the perfect class to progress to after the beginner's classes or it also suits those who want to increase their fitness but haven't had much paddle boarding experience. In the early weeks, we focus on getting the techniques right, and in the latter weeks, we really build up the cardio workout.


Tues/Wed/Thurs: 5.30-6.30pm

Check Facebook to see when our next six week course starts.

Or email with your name, contact details and fitness class query and Nicki will get back to you. 

Learn all the basics of SUP paddling technique from an experienced rider.  All while geting a great full body workout and being outdoors with other like minded people. 


The cost of the six week course is $99.  SUP Boards are provided but you're welcome to use your own board if you have one.


Fitness Classes are held in the Swan River at Freshwater Bay, Peppermint Grove. Drive along the Esplanade and you'll see us on the river where Keane St ends. This beautiful location is protected in most wind conditions, which allow for calm water and easy paddling.


Perth Stand Up Paddle School only uses qualified and highly experienced SUP instructors for the fitness classes. As we are affiliated with Surfing WA our instructors have all completed at least a Level 1 course or alternatively completed a Level 1 and 2 ASI equivalent. Our fit, bubbly instructor - Nicki Jones - usually teaches the SUP fitness class.


  • - Phone: 08 9335 5636
  • - Email: or
  • - Use the enquiry form below.

You can also look for the latest updates on our Facebook page. If you're looking for an elite training group to join, just contact the shop and we can run through your options.


Outside of paid lessons, our shop staff also train in a pod (SUPWA endorsed). If you can keep up, you're definitely ready to do some competitions.