May 07, 2019 | By Mike Galvin

Great Value SUP Package Deals

We’ve got some of the best value kids, beginner, intermediate and advanced SUP package deals around – starting at $699. Some of our popular SUP deals are:

$699 Kids SUP Package: Little rippas board (whale froth, jelly froth or croc froth), adjustable paddle and leg rope. This package is ideal for kids who want to learn to SUP and potentially catch a few waves.

$1,150 All Rounder Package: 9’0 x 31 or 9’6 x 32 or 10 x 33.5 Stand Up Surf Shop board and adjustable paddle.The two smaller sizes will suit people wanting a smaller, more manageable board, and those who want to progress to catching small waves. These sizes are ideal for light/medium weight entry level paddler who ultimately progress to small waves without having to change boards. The 10′ will suit families or larger riders.

$1,495 Flat Water Cruising Package: SUNS Cruise SUP board, SUNS 35% carbon paddle (fixed or adjustable), SUNS bag and a Stand Up Surf Shop leg rope. Suits entry level riders who mainly want to paddle on flat water on the river or ocean.

$1,499 All Rounder Package: 10’9 x 33 SMIK E-Sea Rider, SUNS fixed or adjustable 35% carbon paddle, legrope and a board bag. SMIK is designed by local Western Australian champion and long time SUP designer and tester, Scotty McKercher.

$1,699 Long Board Surf SUP Package: 10 x 29 SMIK Style Lord, SUNS fixed or adjustable 35% carbon paddle and a legrope. Or $1899 for the same in the Carbon model.

We can do stand up paddle package deals with any board in the shop. Come in and talk to us, take a few out for a demo and then we’ll talk deals on your fave!