Feb 12, 2020 | By Mike Galvin

How a SUP Legend Is Raising Thousands For Bush Fires

SUP legend Marcus Tardrew is raising thousands for bush fire relief while breaking many records on his foil, gliding over 100+km on Sunday the 9th of February, 2020.

“I felt so devastated for those who have lost so much and I knew I had to do something about it” – Marcus

He set a goal to contribute at least $5k to a relief fund and realized the quickest way he could achieve that would require some attention… record breaking attention. Here’s how Marcus raised thousands for charity while foiling 100+ km.

Marcus started sharing his intention to do a ‘ridiculously’ long foiling fundraiser within the SUP community around December. He was aiming for over 90km and considered; Mandurah  to Hillarys, Dunsbrough to the Cut and other options. His good friend James Casey loved the idea and decided to join in and support him in this endeavor. Casey is a bit of a ‘thing’ online and really helped get attention on the event, which Marcus was stoked about because the donations started rolling in. That was his #1 priority.

If you’d like to donate, please visit Marcus’ page.

In the lead up, Marcus waited anxiously for the right conditions to increase the chance of success. The stars seemed to align on Sunday the 9th of February; the forecast looked great, he got some word-0f-mouth knowledge on where to begin and end to avoid seaweed, Mike’Galvo’ Galvin offered his boat, Robbie Bullen offered to skipper, Kirk Hull nominated himself as deckie, Shannon Stent (aka @larryfoiler) put his hand up to take photos, Jaclyn Nichol would support from land and Sussanah Wilson would create a media pack. Excitingly, James Casey could make it, too. On the day, Ange and Dan JJ, Alfie Carter, Sil and Darren also helped from start to finish. Huge shout out to the crew for help.

They launched the boat from Bunbury after a fortuitous delayed start. By the time they were ready, the wind had started filling in. At 11am, they hit the water for the 6.5 hour, 101 km journey. Things were difficult to begin.

The seaweed was more prevalent than they had hope, making things difficult. The swell direction was westerly, continually pushing them onshore, throughout this epic journey. They had to fight to stay on course and stop frequently to remove the weed from their foils. The first 65km was tough!

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But then the wind really filled in, to a point that they didn’t need to work between bumps and their speed was fast enough for the seaweed to fall off the foil. By the end, the journey was fun and enjoyable, despite exhaustion. So Marcus pushed past the 90km goal, then past triple digits to finish on 101km.

He sends his thanks to all those that supported the effort and especially thanks those who donated to the bush fire relief campaign.


For all the existing and wannabe foil fanatics

We’re preparing much more info for you at the moment. Stay tuned…

But for now, here’s what Marcus used;

  • AXIS Foil Setup
  • 1000 front wing chopped to 900
  • Short fuselage
  • 460 flat rear chopped to 400
  • Carbon mast 75
  • Sunova  6’0 Aviator Board

Meanwhile, James Casey was on

  • Same board, Sunova 6’0 Aviator
  • GO Foile Setup
  • GL180 front wing
  • 32″ mast
  • Flat rear with pedestal


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