Jan 28, 2020 | By Mike Galvin

How to Easily Load a SUP Onto Your Car

If you’re feeling tired after paddling, this technique will help you easily load your SUP board onto the roof of any car. It is so energy efficient that even big, muscular guys use it because why strain yourself when there’s no need?!? Check out the simple video summary below made by our coach Nicki and instructor Silvia (both women under 170cm tall).

At Stand Up Surf Shop, our team have been teaching this technique to people for years. The surf ski crew first developed it to load their extremely long boards safely onto their cars. We’ve just copied and modified it to suit SUP boards. Here’s how it works;


Step 1:

Carry board as normal using handle and preferred hand

Step 2:

Lift board and rest one top side onto same hip as preferred hand

Step 3:

Raise board using hip and preferred hand till other hand can reach far rail of board

Step 4:

Place preferred hand on rail of board near hip

Step 5:

Place head on board and stand up straight! Now the board is above your head, with just a bit of practice, you’ll be able to balance it there with ease and require no arm strength. From this position, you’ll easily be able to slide it onto the roof of your car and slide it straight off your head with very little effort.


Final Thoughts

This technique is all about using your head, literally! If your arm span isn’t long enough to reach for the other rail of the board (Step 3) you can do a quick squat, pop and hip flick to raise the far rail to the point you can reach it. The part between step 4 and step 5 (where you get the board on your head) might feel a bit tricky at first. Give it a few practice attempts on grass (a soft surface) until you feel confident doing it. It should take very little effort.


More Play, Less Strain

The SUSS Team


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