Stand Up Surf Shop owner Mike Galvin is just a local Cott guy who loves a beer, a coffee and time on the water. But we probably should also mention that there's no other dealer with more SUP boarding experience than Mike, in racing, surf and cruising.

He started the shop because he loves the sport (not to mention he wanted a more enjoyable job than digging soak wells). And if he can get you to feel the same stoke he feels every day that he's on the water, then he's a happy man.

Birth: 1967. A bit of an afterthought, 4 years after the last one.

Mike Galvin SUP (stand up paddle) boarding at Mentawis

School: Scotch College. No talents that had anything to do with a pen! First got involved with water sports via sailing.

Nicknames: Plugga - full forward, large set (Mike was a bit heavier back in his pre SUP boarding days). You can figure out the rest.

Work: Despite the private school education, Mike chose to start his working live with some honest hard work and a shovel.

The Opposite Sex: Mike is married to Bronny and has one daughter Lucy.

SUP: Began SUP boarding 2005. Runner up in the 2011 SUP State titles, won Grand Masters in State Titles, and regular top 10 finisher in the 'Doctor' (race from Rotto to Perth). Big memory is fighting it out for the 2011 State Titles at Denmark Beach, conditions being just on perfect, but not good enough. Well done to the winner.

Favourite SUP Session: Transits, Rottnest boat parked near by for refreshments and sausages.

Worst SUP Session: There is no such thing as a bad SUP session, but I did get caught in a fishing net at Leggian.

Current Weight: Once was known as Plugga, now I enjoy the sport of paddle boarding.