Birth: 2.5 kilos … made in Brazil in 1978

I was a "surprise" baby. My parents did not know we were twins … they found out 3 minutes after my identical twin was born that actually there was another baby in there. I wish I could remember their faces! 

School: Well, I have never been a brilliant student , so once I asked my identical twin, Silvia to do a chemistry test for me and she got 2 out of 10!!! she was not brilliant either.... 

I was always good in sports and arts though.

Water sports: I came from a family where everybody windsurfs. My mum used to put myself and my sister on her board and go sailing with us. We have been windsurfing since then. It was the reason we moved to Australia. 

 Post school: As soon as I finished school, I went to Uni. I got my first degree in Administration in Hospitality, then my second in Advertising.

SUP: First time was with a good friend (also a windsurfer). He had a Starboard 9x30 board and we went to Cottesloe. It was end of 2009. I fell in love with supping straight away.Monica de Araujo WA SUP Champion

I've had so many favourite sessions. It is hard to pick only one, but for me, every surf with good mates is always special. 

SUP competition: My first SUP comp was in 2013, Secret Harbour. It was the last State Round of the year and I won. I was over the moon!!!!! 

Best results: Dual State Champion (2014/ 2015). I am still stoked about it!

4th 2015 Australian Women's SUP Titles.