Jan 22, 2020 | By Mike Galvin

Now You Can Stay Fit and Healthy While Having Fun in Nature

To develop your core strength (while getting a tan) and improving your balance and co-ordination, a gym will not cut it… but Stand Up Paddling will do the trick!  To help you get the most from this sport, we’ve created a 6 week program that’ll rapidly enhance your skills, grow your community and increase your time on water (WARNING: It’s almost always a sell-out so book early – see our FB Events Page for next Program and book via Eventbrite)


We created this event to help beginner and intermediate paddlers get more addicted to spending time on the water, by helping rapidly develop skill and confidence. From physiotherapists to Galvo, so many people advocate this lifestyle because we know it’s so good for the mind, body and spirit!


Here’s some of what you can expect

  • Paddle technique for improved control
  • Stances that increase maneuverability
  • Posture for power
  • Technique for strain free loading of board onto your car
  • Bursts of top speed paddling
  • An instructor that is also a competitive racer (and super stoked)



If you’ve never stood on a SUP before, then this program isn’t right for you. Instead, check out one of our Private Classes or Group Lessons. Even if you’re really experienced with paddling, this program is still a great opportunity to work on your technique so you can paddle harder… better. faster. stronger. We do not go into the surf or ocean but can give pointers on how to manage those conditions.


We’re confident that this is the best value fitness program in Perth – and you’ll feel reconnected with nature!


BONUS – We will even supply a board for you if you don’t have one yet!


Check out our current events via FB and book via Eventbrite. Stay tuned for our next email… it details the undisputed best way to lift a board onto the roof of your car, free from stress and strain!


Feeling FIT!

The Team at SUSS