Birth: 10/3/73 

Nickname: Rictor
Background: Rick's dad was a shaper in the 1970's and taught Rick to shape his own boards at just 19 years of age. He's been playing around for years and now shapes his own brand of SUP boards - Jacko SUP.
Rick is a talented short board surfer and was the Under 19 Australian Scholatic Champion at 17 years.
He later moved into water cinematography. Having lived his entire life in and around the heavy swell of Margaret River, Rick has an immense talent to shoot in the water from places where others can only dream. He's shot for many movies, including Sabotaj, Montaj, Young Guns 1 and 2, Secret Machine and Year Zero. He's even gone Hollywood and filmed for feature movie Drift. 

Getting into SUP: Rick's been known to ride pretty well anything that can surf waves. So it was probably no surprise that he wanted to give stand up paddle boarding a go. He's been hooked ever since. You can often see him and his equally talented brother Jake out at their local - Cowaramup Bay - in the Margaret River region.
Rick's also be known to take his SUP out at Cow Bombie and Womb. A crazy move for most mortals, but Rick has the talent and konwledge to push the boundaries. Doesn't mean he hasn't copped a beating at both when he's pushed it just that little bit too far though!!  
Best SUP Results: 2014 and 2015 Australian SUP Champion (over 40's/old farts).