Jul 05, 2019 | By Mike Galvin

Spot Check – Cottesloe

Cottesloe is the hub of SUP Surfing in Perth. It provides a number of breaks catering to all skill levels and mainly has a small wave. As it breaks over reef, the waves break in a consistent manner. This makes it easy to read for people just learning.

Starting at the north end and moving south the first break is:

The Cove – A right hand wave and great for kids. Has a nice protected corner and a deep channel to paddle out in. As it has a small take off zone, it isn’t ideal for SUPs when there are 5 or more people out.

Seconds – is a short sharp wave which generally breaks left. But with enough water over the reef, it can provide some fun little rights. The take-off is over a section of reef which draws the water off it and the wave itself can double in size as starts to break. Seconds is a wave for intermediate to advance riders, but on smaller days can be fun for everyone. Again a small take off zone means this wave can get quite crowded very easily.

Iso’s (Isolateds) – A couple of peaks make up Iso’s, with the main peak providing a left and right. Really nice fun wave, but be careful of riding the wave too far and ending up on dry reef. Iso’s is traditional a long board break. The longboarders have regular contests, so check this before paddling out.

Dean street/Phonebooths – A patch of reef, not surprisingly, found at the end of Dean street. Depending on the tide, this section of reef can offer lefts and rights. Predominately a left hand wave breaking though sections of reef and ending in deeper water. The right breaks less regularly but the wave is a smooth relatively long ride. One of the more populated breaks by SUP surfers.

Dutchies – Made up of a couple of breaks that will work depending on swell size and direction. With smaller swell, the wave at Dutchies is a right hander, starting out on a little crop of reef and then running through over sand all the way to the shore. When the swell picks up, Dutchies provides a great left/right option that breaks approx. 50m north of the southern break wall. Again the right provides a mellower wavem but be careful not to end up on the rocks in the shore break. The left is a little more critical from the take off and has a longer section for manoeuvres at the start, before rolling into deeper water towards shore.

Deep 6 – is located just to the south of the southern groyne and approx. 100m off shore. Deep 6 comes out of deep water before hitting a couple of different take off zones. You can see the swell coming and then it breaks pretty quickly. The left that breaks here is one of the longer waves in the area and finishes off in nice deep water. The right is a little more technical needing the right direction swell to really work. Deep 6 is a favourite for surf skis as it has a nice deep channel on the inside and to the north making it easy for them to paddle out without getting crunched. These channels also make it great for SUPs as they provide the opportunity to paddle out without getting in anyone’s way.

*Remember just because you can catch every wave, doesn’t mean you should. Respect the rules and others in the line-up. Not sure what the etiquette is? Drop into the store and we can give you a brochure outlining the do’s and do not’s.*