Apr 27, 2021 | By Jane Seman

SUP Fitness

Stand Up Paddling gives you sense of freedom. It allows you to explore and lose yourself in nature. Which is what we all need right now!

But, did you know you can also get THE BEST work out on a SUP!

Keep Fit With SUP

When interval training, Stand Up Paddling is a heart-pounding cardiovascular workout which builds lung capacity and stamina. You can burn between 400 and 800 calories an hour depending on intensity, so you can work as hard as you want to, or paddle as gently as you need. The important thing is that your heart and body is still benefitting immensely.


There is nothing wrong with pounding the pavement or hitting the gym. BUT a low impact workout can have just as many physical benefits without the impact on your body.

  • SUP is the perfect cross-trainer, providing both aerobic and strength-based training.
  • Standard strength training techniques, such as push-ups, tend to work one large muscle group in isolation; SUP trains all the muscles to work together, so it also trains the smaller muscles which are often missed by a gym session.
  • SUP is a low-impact exercise, building fitness with a low risk of injury and no excessive strain on the muscles.
  • SUP is perfect for those suffering from arthritis or joint issues, recovering from injury or for those with artificial joints.
  • SUP fitness classes are particularly good for Seniors or those who are just starting out with exercise.



Want to know how to get SUP FIT? Join the ever-popular SUP FIT sessions run by Nicki at Perth SUP School. Weekly SUP fitness classes at two different locations and times to suit everyone.

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