Jul 05, 2019 | By Mike Galvin

The importance of ‘try before you buy

Buying a Stand Up Paddle board is a big investment and you want to know that you are getting the right board for your hard earned dollars and it isn’t something you are going to regret or grow out of in 3 months’ time. You test drive a car before purchasing, so why not test paddle a SUP?

Does the information relate to me?

As you can imagine we get to hear a lot of things in the shop from “my friend said I need…” to “I read on the internet that I need…”. Any information you can gather is always going to help in guiding you and helping you make a decision on what to purchase, but ultimately, the best way of finding the right board for you, is getting on it.

When gathering information, it is important to think is this information relevant to me. Every brand in the world will tell you their board is the best board and it is, for a certain person in a certain situation. But is that you? The same applies with forums. Plenty of people out there are happy to give advice on boards they have ridden but does the feedback from a 6’4 110kg guy surfing waves overhead high apply to a 60kg lady wanting to paddle pure flat water?

So what is the solution?

A lot of brands and shops will hold regular demo days and these are a great place to start. The key thing to remember is to take your time. There is no point in rushing down and getting on 3 boards in an hour. Just as you feel like you are getting the hang of one, you swap it out to get on another  and another, and then at the end of it, walk away not remembering which one was which. Also ask yourself “are these the conditions I am going to paddle in?” Again there is no point in trying a board in pure glass water when it is a surf SUP you are actually wanting.

Take your time and test a few

At Stand Up Surf Shop we offer free SUP demos 7 days a week. This means that if you have a day or two off in the middle of the week you can demo boards. No need to wait until the weekend or missing out because you are working or have other commitments. Want to book one in for the weekend, no problems. Come in and talk to our staff to narrow down what might suit you and then take that board for a couple of days and paddle it in the conditions you would normally paddle in. After you have paddled the board a few times and have a good idea how it feels, come back and give us your feedback. Was it too wide, not wide enough, want something faster, more manoeuvrable, easier to handle, whatever it is we can then suggest another board to try that will tick those boxes. Alternatively if the first one felt perfect we just grab a new one off the shelf and away you go.

Ultimately it might take you a couple of weeks to try a couple of boards, generally no more than 3, but at least you have paddled the exact board in the exact conditions you are going to use it in giving you peace of mind that your money is being spent wisely.

Give us a call in the shop on 9335 5636 or drop in to organise your free SUP demo.