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Red Paddle Co SUP

The makers of the worlds most popular inflatable stand up paddle boards.

Perfect for boating
Escape from the crowds and find your own space
Easy to take one massive board in a backpack that can fit you and friends
Pull it out of the backpack, pump it up and away you go
Why not have a stretch in between your paddling?


Red Paddle Co are THE inflatable SUP specialists. That's all they do and there's nobody better.

They've focused on producing the best possible inflatable stand ups now for 10 years. They sell in 60 countries worldwide. And they're the biggest seller of inflatables.

What's Different About Red Paddle Co Inflatables

We'll admit it. Coming from a spacious, car mad country like Australia, we've been a bit sceptical of the need for inflatables here.  Especially when there's usually a big compromise on performance. 

But these boards have blown us away. They actually feel like a 'real' SUP board. There is no doubt that these are the best inflatable SUP on the market.  

Red Paddle Co believe that owning an inflatable shouldn't mean you have to compromise on performance, looks or quality. So they've spent the last decade making that vision happen. Each board takes  a colossal 72 hours to make.  Red Paddle Co is the only brand to run their own production and quality control process.

The end result is that these boards are:

•    Super light. They've worked hard on the tech to reduce up to 2kg in weight.

•    Incredibly stiff. Outside of really understanding air pressures, these smart buggers designed and patented a Rocker Stiffening System. It's pretty simple - you slot two stiffening battens into pockets on the side of the board and that helps to stop the bends. 

•    Super durable. These boards have got a lot of tech that nobody else uses. There's trademarked MSL material, a hard wearing polymer and dropstitch core. Lucky for us their designers understand weave patterns, thread lengths and coating densities so we don't need to. And their boards are tested across extreme environmental conditions. Which means you can start in the WA desert and make your way to Antartica. 

So confident are Red Paddle Co in their production that they offer a 12 month manufacturing warranty. This is increased to 2 years if you register your 2018 board on the redpaddleco.com website.

The Gadgets

•    Titan Pump promises less pumping and more paddling. It is leagues ahead of other pumps. Short answer - it's faster and easier to inflate your SUP.

•    Backpack. Red Paddle Co spend as much time designing the backpacks as the boards. They come with integrated wheels, padded shoulder straps and a heat reflective liner.

Why Inflatable SUPs

Inflatable stand up paddle boards are all about making things easy. Chuck it in the car, on the plane or carry it on your back. Then unpack it, inflate it and go exploring.

•    Easy to take your SUP with you wherever you go

•    No airline check-in stress

•    Easy to store - doesn't take up space on your boat or in your shed

•    Light and easy to carry

•    Lets you explore hard to get to places.

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  • RED PADDLE CO Ride MSL 9'8 x 31 Package

    RED PADDLE CO Ride MSL 9'8 x 31

    Beginner, Intermediate

    All Rounder/Cruise, Surf (Beginner/Intermediate), Womens, Boating

    A smaller inflatable SUP for lighter riders or SUP surfing
  • RED PADDLE CO Ride MSL 10'6 x 32 Package

    RED PADDLE CO Ride MSL 10'6 x 32

    Beginner, Intermediate

    All Rounder/Cruise, Surf (Beginner/Intermediate), Family, Boating

    The world's most popular and versatile inflatable SUP
  • RED PADDLE CO Ride MSL SE 10'6 x 32 Package

    RED PADDLE CO Ride MSL SE 10'6 x 32

    Beginner, Intermediate

    All Rounder/Cruise, Surf (Beginner/Intermediate), Family, Boating

    A Special Edition of the world's best selling and most versatile inflatable SUP
  • RED PADDLE CO Ride MSL 10'8 x 34 Package

    RED PADDLE CO Ride MSL 10'8 x 34

    Beginner, Intermediate

    All Rounder/Cruise, Family, Boating

    A user friendly and versatile inflatable SUP for bigger riders and extra passengers

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