We've got some of the biggest local names in the sport.

Stand Up Surf Shop supports many local WA kids, guys, girls, mums and dads. Our team riders all love the sport and are out on the water as much as possible.

Read about our Stand Up Surf Shop team here. Shop staff include owner Mike Galvin, SUP Instructor Nicki Jones, Board Designer & SUP/Foil Champion Marcus Tardrew and women’s shredder Sylvia De Araujo.

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    Mike ‘Galvo’ Galvin

    Stand Up Surf Shop owner Mike Galvin is just a local Cott guy who loves a beer, a coffee and time on the water. He started the shop because he just wants others to feel the same stoke as he does.


    Nicki Jones

    I discovered Stand Up Paddle Boarding in 2013 and immediately connected it with the my background in dance, as paddling involves rhythm and balance!

  • Brains Trust

    Marcus Tardrew

    Marcus' is the man behind many of the cutting edge SUP boards that you see out on the water. His eye for detail and quality is what sets him apart from most designers.

  • Shop Grom & Shredder

    Sam McCullough

    One of Australia's up and coming youth paddlers, Sam excels on the race course, in the surf and on a foil.


    Silvia De Araujo

    I used a SUP with a good friend. He had a Starboard 9x30 board and we went to Cottesloe. It was end of 2009. I fell in love with supping straight away.

  • Store Manager

    Will Wilson

    Some say he taught Mick Fanning shark self defence. All we know is he's called Will.

  • Shop Staff

    Drew Malcolm

    When your first downwinder is dodging turtles on the Maliko run off Maui, it's hard not to enjoy paddle sports.

  • Shop Staff

    Chad Thompson

    Mr Shred. When he's not flying you around the World he loves his tow-in foiling.