A little about Mike...

Stand Up Surf Shop owner Mike Galvin is just a local Cott guy who loves a beer, a coffee and time on the water. You can usually find Mike either at Transits or stand up paddling with his daughter Lucy, right out the front at Cottesloe.

He started the shop because he loves the sport (not to mention he wanted a more enjoyable job than digging soak wells). He’s a simple man with simple goals – he just wants you to feel the same stoke that he does.

Despite his humble nature, Mike’s had an influential role in developing and growing the sport of SUP in WA. He founded the biggest stand up paddle shop in Australia. He’s maintained very close connections with Starboard and now SMIK throughout his life. And he’s maintained his passion for SUP the whole way through. It’s very easy for Mike’s stoke to rub off.

Mike is an ‘average’ guy (who surfs above averagely). He provides real life feedback, down to the smallest detail. So you know that any board he rides has been fully dialled in.

If Galvo can get you to feel the same stoke that he feels every day he's on the water, then he's a happy man.