Foil Lessons

Get a private foil lesson with foil board designer and Molokai2Oahu foil competitor Marcus Tardrew.

Marcus can teach entry level, intermediate or advanced foil riders. His expert tips will ensure you'll improve faster than doing it on your own.

Foil coaching and lessons include SUP, regular surf and the foil wing.


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We offer customised private foil lessons or foil coaching that can be tailored directly to your needs and level.

These are often 1-on-1 or 2-0n-1 if you want to do it with a friend/partner.

Private Learn To Foil Lesson: Our foil guru, Marcus Tardrew, will spend ninety minutes helping you learn to foil with confidence and avoid many of the early mistakes.

Customised Foil Coaching: Want to learn to foil in waves? Like the idea of foiling really, really fast downwind? Or want to try to foil wing? Marcus is an expert in all. He can give you tips to improve your skill level and advance you much faster in the areas you love.

Our Foil Lessons cover SUP foil, foil wing and regular surf foil lessons.

Private foil lessons or foil coaching can be held at a location that suits your goals.

We can hold them in the Swan River or along our beautiful Perth coastline.

You’ll be learning off one of top foil guys in Australia – Marcus Tardrew.

Marcus is head designer of all Sunova foil boards.

He also competes internationally on SUP foils. His latest race was the legendary Molokai2Oahu race, where he finished 10th in 2019 in the Open Foil division.

He used to compete internationally in SUP races until he discovered foiling….