Learn To Wing Foil

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Learn To Wing Foil

1.5 Hour Private Lesson

Learn to fly with a customised, private wing foil lesson for yourself or up to four friends.

We can teach between 1 and 4 people how to wing foil, with either 1 or 2 instructors.  You can book into a

  • 1-on-1
  • 2-on-1
  • 2-on-2
  • or all the way up to a 4-on-2.

If you have more than four friends who are keen to learn, book into our group wing foil lessons.

Our fully qualified instructor will spend ninety minutes covering all aspects of learning to wing foil.  You’ll learn to fly the wind wing on the beach, before moving into the water.

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Rates (1 to 4 people)

  • $225 for 1 person
  • $370 for 2 people ( $185 each)
  • $450 for 3 people ( $150 each)
  • $500 for 4 people ( $125 each)


The learn to foil lessons can be tailored directly to your needs, but they are best for:

  • first time beginners who want to learn to wing foil
  • entry level wing foilers who have had a few tries, but prefer a bit of guidance to progress
  • entry level wing foilers who just want to progress their initial skills.

If you can already wing foil, check our advanced wing foil coaching. This is suitable for intermediate to advanced foilers.

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Session Times

You can book in for a private lesson from Tuesday to Sunday. We’ll work out the exact time and location with you.

What to Bring

Your spirit of adventure!  We provide the wing foil gear, so you just need to bring these personal items:

  • Something you can get wet in (bathers, rashie)
  • Wetsuit and booties are recommended
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen.
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About Anna

Hi , I’m Anna – your wing foiling, windsurf and sailing instructor.

I have competed in sailing at 470 olympic class. I have a master’s degree in physical education, psychology and business.

I’m originally from Poland, but now live in Perth, where I’m proudly represent WA on the Wing Foil National Committee. I love teaching and can’t wait to share wing foil joy with all of you!

King Wing Foil Centre is fully accredited through Kiteboarding Australia.

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About Bastien

Hey i’m Basti, professional windsurfer and wing foiler. Born in south of France, I came to WA four years ago and never left!  I really wanted to try wing foil when it started a few years ago, so I gave it a go and quickly became a foil addict!

I mainly practice wing foil in the waves, but I also enjoy racing and freestyle. So if you’re interested in surf, downwind racing, new tricks or just want to progress your gybing or tacking, simply book a lesson and I’ll be happy to coach you!

Ready to hit the water?