Private SUP Lessons

We offer customised, 1-on-1 or 2-0n-1 SUP lessons or SUP coaching to improve your skills. They can be tailored directly to your needs.

You may want a private SUP lesson to learn to SUP or to improve your paddling skills.

Or you may want some SUP coaching to learn how to catch waves or improve your SUP surfing.

$130 - 90 minutes

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We offer customised private SUP lessons or SUP coaching that can be tailored directly to your needs.

These are often 1-on-1 or 2-0n-1 if you want to do it with a friend/partner.

We can also cater for small groups for up to 4 people – a great option for families.

Private SUP Lesson: Our fully qualified instructor will spend ninety minutes covering all aspects covered in the group lesson. But there will be more time to focus on getting you up and paddling with confidence.

Private SUP Coaching: So, you are hooked on SUP? Keen to take your paddling to the next level?

We customise the sessions for you to develop and strengthen your paddling. We will break down the different phases of the stroke, and build on fitness to to achieve maximum efficiency.

Or you might want some coaching to help  you learn to catch waves or progress your surfing ability.

Private SUP lessons or SUP coaching can be held at a location that suits your goals.

We often hold entry level SUP lessons on the Swan River at Freshwater Bay, Peppermint Grove.

Surf or ocean coaching can be held along our beautiful Perth coastline.

Perth Stand Up Paddle School only uses qualified and highly experienced SUP instructors for SUP lessons.

As we are affiliated with Surfing WA our instructors have all completed at least a Level 1 course or alternatively completed a Level 1 and 2 ASI equivalent.

Depending on your needs, we have variety of instructors with skills across all disciplines for the private SUP lessons.