What is the Foil Drive Assist? Whether you’re after a little more momentum, more speed to get you on the wave, a fatigue killer, light wind enabler, a helping hand getting out the back, or a safety blanket offshore… we’ve got the drive to get you flying! Designed to be retro-fit to your existing foil set up, the options are endless!

The design is non-destructive and can be positioned anywhere on your mast, depending on your intended use. The motor attaches in less than 5 minutes for an added 21kgs/46lbs of extra propulsion. Simply pull the trigger to your desired speed on your wireless throttle control, catch the smallest of swell and feel the motor pop out of the water as you get up on foil, leaving you to enjoy that epic feeling of pure foiling, with minimal interference or drag! Peel off the wave, then motor back to the line up for Round Two!

Custom motor pods have been designed to suit a range of masts and we are continuously increasing the compatibility. The retro-fit design ensures non-destructive installation, while simple single tool assembly allows for fast install and removal of the system when not required!

Foil Drive Assist is not designed to be used on a Prone or Tow style, low volume Foil Boards. Due to the wireless connection, the box must remain above the waterline during usage.

Install weight: 3kg

Operating Voltage: 22-25v

Max Thrust: 21kg/46 lbs

Runtime: 25min-3hrs depending on throttle usage and other user variables – surf session1-2hrs appx.

Recharge time: Approx 2hrs

Install time: 10mins

WING DING riders are using their Assist on low wind days where there’s not enough power to get out of the water using the wing alone. Using the controller on the included wrist lanyard, use full power to get up on foil, then wing ding as usual.

DOWNWIND riders are loving motoring/paddling that bit further offshore to line up longer runs! With added thrust you can run smaller, faster wings and link sections, resulting in longer rides. If the conditions change, you’ve also got the added peace of mind knowing you don’t have to manually paddle all the way back to shore.

SUP SURFERS are staying there longer, catching more waves, and are finding they’re able to get out  for epic sessions even with low swell!

Please note that delivery for Foil Drive products can be up to two weeks.


Weight 5 kg

Foil Drive Foil Assist Kit


The Retro-fit hydrofoil surf accessory transforming your favorite gear into the ultimate efoil assist.

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