Seaaxe SUP Paddle Wood Fixed


A beautiful hand crafted wood paddle built for performance

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The Sea Axe is a hand crafted wood paddle made locally in Fremantle.

Each wooden paddle is a one off, made from end to end in single file. George McFarlane-Reid, the creator of the Sea Axe, is a wood turner/furniture maker with a mechanical background and good knowledge of composites. He lives and works in Fremantle, WA and from his home workshop combines everything he knows and loves in the paddles. From timber selection to orientation and composition, each part of the process has to be flawless to bring about the perfect finish.

Materials include an outer stringer of Oregon timber, next to a layer of carbon fibre for strength and rigidity. There’s an inner core layer of 3 stringers of cedar, that is laminated in a press to get the 11 degree angle between the blade and shaft. The blade is dye infused maple and polonia, with a rim of hardened plastic to protect the edge. It is fibreglassed for strength and protection and finished with a 2 pac polyurethane. This seals the natural timber colour and prevent fading and discolouration with time.

To hold and use one is a pleasure, like picking up a beautiful musical instrument. Its brings soul to what you are doing.

It could well be that the wood paddles featured here are the last Sea Axe models available on the planet. If inspired to make one of them yours, we hope you cherish it.



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