SUP Hire

Stand up paddle board hire

If you're planning a corporate or team building day, or just a relaxing BBQ with a group of friends or team mates, why not hire a Stand Up Paddle board for a bit of healthy fun? It's something that everyone can try.

Individual SUP hire rates start from $40 for a day, or $75 for a weekend.

Hire a board

We can arrange stand up paddle board hire with or without an instructor and are flexible about the length of time. We find people love having the boards there to use when they feel like it throughout the day. Most people have more than one try.

$40 for a board for the day – any 24 hour period

$75 board for all weekend hire – pick up Fri pm, drop off either Sunday arvo or Monday before 12 noon

$150 / board for all week hire – any 7 day period that suits

All hired Stand Up Paddle boards are by leading global manufacturers. We only hire out the best SUP boards possible so everyone can enjoy the day and have the best possible chance to learn easily.

We use soft top boards, which are safer and much less intimidating for beginners.

If you hire a board from us and then buy a board from us, we’ll make sure you get looked after!