Ocean & Earth SUP Soft Racks Portable


Easily attach your SUP to the roof of any car, including those with no roof gutters.

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These portable soft racks are super easy to attach to any car – including cars that don’t have a roof gutter. They are great for when you are putting your SUP on different cars or need to load your SUP onto a car without roof gutters. They are soft, flexible and secure to protect your car and your SUP.

They are extra wide and can fit two SUPs. As an alternative, they also take 4 surfboards, 2 Longboards or a combination of similar weight and size.

The webbing is extra wide, heavy duty 38mm webbing. Webbing anchor straps designed to suit varying load widths.

The pads are aerodynamically designed and come with a new protective rail pad. The EVA pads are raised extra high and come with a soft fabric base to prevent scratching from handles and zips on a board bag.


Weight 3 kg

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