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Foil Lessons

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Foil Lessons

Learn To Foil

Learning to foil can be achieved in a number of ways, and the method can depend a little on your end goal.

Wing Foiling

Learning to wing foil is a great pathway into foiling.  The power from the wing can help to give you great success with the foil. Many people with limited or no experience in water sports have learned to wing foil straight away.

Learning is best done in stages.  You first learn how to handle the wing and create lift and power on the beach.

Next you do the same on the water with a SUP and then with a foil to perfect your technique and become proficient and independent.

Wing Foil Hire

Completed a few lessons or spent some time on the foil and want to practice before committing to gear, why not hire a complete set for a week to get some serious time on the water. 7 day hire $300 for complete package of SMIK board, Freewing Go wing, Axis foils, everything you need to progress in this amazing sport. 

Find a week where you have some time and call the shop to book in a hire set. If you then buy a full kit from us you will get a $100 discount.

Downwind SUP foiling

One of the hardest but most rewarding disciplines……. its taking off.

We have a range of gear to demo to help you on this journey with the best downwind boards on the market from Sunova available to demo and hire.

Hire is $200 per week for a downwind specific board, this will help you get an idea of the board you will then need to achieve endless glides. Call the shop to book in a hire board.

If you are looking for coaching and clinics James Casey offers a range of online coaching and from time to time comes over to WA to run clinics.

Check out all he has to offer here: https://caseyaus.com/

Prone / SUP Surf Foiling

The endless wave: pumping back out for a second wave is no longer a dream. Learning to foil in the waves straight up can be tricky but is achievable. Often good to have a tow session or two behind a boat if at all possible to get the hang of foiling. We have a range of SUP and Prone boards and suitable foils for demo.

We have found that many wing foilers have a suitable foil for prone or SUP foiling and makes an awesome pairing for the days with no wind and swell.

Demo Gear

We hold a huge range of foil gear in our demo fleet, come in and chat with us to book in a demo for foils, wings and boards. Please note this is for experienced foilers looking to try a new bit of gear not a long term loan of gear to learn.

We usually have people waiting to try our demo gear so ask that you return it on the agreed day so people don’t miss out on their go. 

Not sure where to start?

Give the shop a call on 08 9335 5636 and we’ll help you get foiling