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Foil Lessons

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Foil Lessons

Learn To Foil

Learning to foil can be achieved in a number of ways, and the method can depend a little on your end goal.

Foiling Behind A Boat

This gives the most consistent power input, and therefore the most consistent foiling experience. Just a few sessions behind a boat will advance your foiling, regardless of the discipline you want to pursue.

Don’t have a boat! No problem give the shop a call to ask about boat foil lessons.

E-Foil Lessons

E-Foil is another easy way to learn, with its consistent power input. We hope to be able to offer e-foiling lessons later in 2022.

Wing Foil Lessons

Learning to wing foil can also been a great pathway into foiling.  The power from the wing can help to give you great success with the foil. Many people with limited or no experience in water sports have learned to wing foil straight away.

Learning is best done in stages.  You first learn how to handle the wing and create lift and power on the beach.

Next you do the same on the water with a SUP and then with a foil to perfect your technique and become proficient and independent.

We will be offering wing foiling lessons from September 2022 all the way through Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Not sure where to start?

Give the shop a call on 08 9335 5636 and we’ll help you get foiling