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Surf Foiling

Surf foiling has redefined what is a rideable wave Even long-time surfers... read more

SMIK Wind WIng V4 Action Scott Mckercher

Wing Ding

Wing ding (aka wind foil / wing foil) is the fastest growing foil sport in... read more

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Learning To Foil

There's plenty of ways to learn to foil Check our expert tips here or... read more

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Foil Masts

The mast connects the board and foil A short mast is easier to control and... read more

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All About Foil Wings

The foil is made up of the mast, fuselage and front and rear wings The... read more

Not sure where to start?

Pop in the shop or call us for advice on how to get into foiling or what your best foil set up should be.