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Surf SUP

Surf  SUP boards are designed to get you catching waves with ease. We have boards for entry level, intermediate and advanced surfers as well as custom designs from SMIK and Sunova.

Length, width and stability are important factors when choosing a surf SUP. The wider more buoyant boards are a great starting place for beginners. Boards for more advanced surfers are designed to hold lines on big waves, get vertical, carve well and even pop airs.

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Choosing The Correct SUP Surf Board

There are many factors to consider in choosing a surf SUP, this is where our first hand knowledge of the vast range of shapes and sizes comes in to help you get the right board the first time.

Smaller boards are more responsive and easier to manoeuvre on a wave. However catching waves on a small board can be more difficult as they are less stable than larger boards.

Boards are designed to work in different conditions, for different people and different styles of surfing. We highly recommend you demo a board first to make sure you get the right board the first time. Come into the shop, grab a board and take it to the waves for a test run.

Call us or drop into the shop for expert advice.

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Entry Level Surf

Haven’t surfed for a while? Transitioning from a Short or Long surfboard to a SUP? Progressing in SUP and ready to take your first waves? We have many options that will get you started and keep you progressing.

There is a great range of options in store for getting you on the waves on a SUP. You will be surprised by how well these boards turn on small waves.

Surf SUP width will give you the stability you need on the board. 32” and wider boards are more stable with a greater volume that increases float. A wider SUP is a great option for entry level SUP surfers to get lots of waves, have more fun and progress quickly.

A few good options include:

  • Starboard Whopper
  • Starboard Avanti
  • Stand Up Surf Shop Surf Sup
  • SMIK E-Sea rider

Or just come into the shop – we’re always happy to have a chat and a coffee to help you work out what will suit you best.

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Intermediate Surf

Intermediate surf SUP Boards are designed for people who have some stand up paddle board experience or are coming from a proficient surf background. They’re ideal for people who are looking to progress in their surfing or starting to take on more challenging waves.

These boards are a step down in size from stable all round boards without sacrificing too much stability. They will provide enough variety to cruise around, while being able to catch more critical waves.

The stepping stone towards high end performance SUP’s, these boards a must in SUP surfing progression.

Popular boards include:

  • Starboard Wedge
  • Sunova Placid
  • Smik Hipster Twin
  • Stand Up Surf Shop Surf SUP
  • Sunova Speed
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Advanced Surf

Top end surf SUP boards are designed to hold lines on big waves, get vertical, carve well and even pop airs if you’re good enough.

To ride them you need to be confident in the waves, have good balance and be able to handle a SUP in a crowd.

A lot of the surf SUP’s we stock are designed and tested in WA with world leading local designers from SMIK and Sunova.

Our favourite boards include:

  • SMIK spitfire
  • Sunova JC Flow
  • Sunova Placid
  • SMIK Bonza
  • Starboard Pro
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Classic Longboard Surf Style

Dreaming of walking the nose, drop knee turns, drawn out carves with a cheeky cross step thrown in, SUP is coming to the party. With a resurgence of longboard style SUP’s the designers have been in the shaping bays.

All the big brands have their own style with a resurgence of the 10’ class in SUP comps. With the cruisy waves in Perth these boards are a great option for a high wave count.

Here are some of the models that catch our eye:

  • SMIK Stlye Lord V2
  • SMIK Bonza Long board
  • SUNOVA Revolution
  • Starboard Longboard SUP


We are lucky enough to have Sunova designer Marcus Tardrew working in the shop if you want to tweak an already existing Sunova Design or start from Scratch we can help.

SMIK legend Scott Mckercher WA local and regular in the shop can spice up a current SMIK design or help you build the board you dream of.

Ready to hit the water?