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All Rounder SUP

All-Rounder SUPs are great for different activities such as flat water paddling, surfing and playing with the kids.

They’re perfect boards for beginners too.

When looking for the perfect all-round SUP, you want something that has enough glide for flat water cruising, sufficient stability for catching waves and good performance on a wave.

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What is an All-Round SUP?

An all-rounder gives you the flexibility to SUP in a variety of conditions combining the features of different types of SUP’s. This allows you to use your SUP for different activities such as flat water paddling, surfing and playing with the kids. They’re generally suitable as your first stand up paddle board too.

When looking for the perfect all-round SUP, you want something that has:

  • Enough glide for flat water cruising: length and width
  • Sufficient stability for catching waves: width and volume
  • Good performance when its on a wave: boards shape
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Beginner SUP’s

All round boards are some of the best beginner SUP’s because of their stability and versatility that allows you to experience many sides of Stand Up Paddle Boarding.

For those new to SUP the most critical element for a stand up paddle board is stability.  It’s best to choose boards that are at least 31”+ wide. If you are on the heavier side or don’t have much water experience, go longer (over 11 foot) and wider (32”-36”).  If you’re fairly light and/or you have some water sports experience, you can choose the shorter beginner boards around the 10+ foot mark.

Some of the best all rounder SUP’s are:

  • Starboard Whopper
  • Stand Up Surf Shop
  • SMIK E-Sea Rider

Come into the shop – we’re always happy to have a chat and a coffee to help you work out what will suit you best.

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Best Flat Water All-Rounders

Mainly Flat Water:

  • Sunova The One
  • Starboard GO
  • Starboard Generation
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Best All-Rounders for Surf

Mainly Surf:

  • The Stand Up Surf Shop All-Rounder is best if you want to spend your time catching small waves, doing a bit of flatwater paddling or paddling with the family.
  • The Sunova One is a timeless looking lightweight board with top quality construction, the perfect all rounder.
  • The E-sea Rider from SMIK is the perfect board for cruising on the river or ocean and catching your first waves.
  • The Starboard Whopper the classic shape is a WA staple for over 10 years, versatile and user-friendly. Big enough for the kids to pile on, yet turns really well for its size. The bigger guys surfboard, this board has caught more waves than any other board in WA.
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For the Ladies

There are also some perfect all round SUP’s designed specifically with females in mind. They have good glide characteristics and are stable enough for an entry level rider.

Boards such as the smaller size 9’6 Sunova One and Smik E-sea riders with enough width and stability for beginners and smaller more compact lengths makes them easy to handle on and off the water.

Other options are the smaller size Stand Up Surf Shop All rounder and the Starboard Wedge. Most women will enjoy a board between 9’0 and 9’6 in length.

Ready to hit the water?