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Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Inflatable SUPs are the go to when looking for a SUP that fits small storage spaces and is great for travelling. Inflatable SUPs fit perfectly in small cars and are ideal for boats.

Inflatable SUPs are easy to use, setup and pack down and paddle like a dream.

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Adventure and exploration!

Inflatables can go everywhere with you.  Whether it’s a local road trip or an overseas adventure, it’s easy and convenient to take them travelling with you. Unpack, inflate and explore your world.

Space saving. If storage at home is minimal, these boards are the ideal option. If you have room for a back pack – you have room for a board! There is no need for installing roof racks on your car or trying to make space in your already full garage. Inflatables are perfect option for holidays homes, caravans or boating. It means you can take the extra toys away with you!

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World Leading Inflatable SUPs

Inflatable SUPs have come a long way in the last few years, they are now a genuine option as your paddle board. Not only are they ideal for small storage spaces, travelling, small cars and boating but they’re easy to use, setup and pack down and paddle like a dream.

Stand Up Surf Shop are a proud authorised dealer of the worlds leading inflatable stand up paddle board, Red Paddle Co.

Their boards are built with the world’s best practice in inflatable SUP construction. If you don’t believe it, watch their video that shows a motorbike, 4WD and even a 22 tonne digger running over an inflatable SUP without damaging the board!

Red Paddle Co pride themselves on making the stiffest, most durable inflatable SUPs for all abilities or interests.

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Inflatable SUP Strength

The strength comes from the following, which help the board hold its shape:

  • Dual layers of rubber around the rails
  • Dropstitch – a nylon stitch material between the top and bottom layers
  • Patented rocker stiffening system.

Still need convincing? Red Paddle Co offer a 5 year warranty on their boards something matched by no other SUP brand.

Red Paddle use a heat welded construction method that does not require glue, so they have excellent capability to withstand the hot Australian climate.

If you’re after a lower cost option and don’t need the high-performance aspects of Red Paddle, we also stock the Starboard ZEN inflatables. These are heat welded boards that are durable and light.

Ready to hit the water?