2021 Exmouth Foil Trip


Feeling the call of the north? Warm clear water, waves and wind and a great bunch of people to hangout with and go foil crazy……… Join us for our Stand Up Surf Shop foiling trip to Exmouth from 20 to 30 September 2021.

A Social Focus

This is a social trip to hangout and do all things foiling – SUP foil, wing ding, surf foil, any foil really.

We will be there with a van full of demo gear and will go with the flow each day. The dream is we surf foil somewhere in the morning and then wingfoil with the wind in the afternoon. Or some variation of this each day. You’re welcome to join us for some or all of the day – whatever suits you. Plus a few night time catch ups – a BBQ, restaurant or just hanging out around the campfire.

Whether it’s a whiteboard or a whatsapp group, we’ll communicate each day to let you know where we are and what’s going on.

Who Can Come?

This little adventure is aimed at those who are already hooked on foiling and winging.  Family and partners are all very welcome, as there’s plenty to do in Exmouth even if  you don’t foil (see below).

However, we will not be offering lessons or instruction. If you’re keen but still need to hone your skills before the trip, we can hook you up with  some Wing Foil lessons between now and September. There’s plenty of time!

What Gear Do I Bring?

You must bring your own gear, but we’ll have some demo gear to help you try some new toys with your existing set up 🙂

How Can I Convince My Non-Foiling Partner/Family/Mate To Come?

That’s an easy one. Think…..

  • snorkelling at Turquoise Bay or Oyster Stacks
  • trekking at Yardie Creek
  • surfing at Dunes (a grom friendly wave) or tackling some of the outer reefs
  • diving at the Navy Pier (a top ten dive site in Australia, that is literally teeming with marine life)
  • taking a sunset cruise
  • just chilling at one of the many stunning beaches.

We could keep going but we might jump ship and go now if we keep tempting ourselves!

How To Book

This is a first come, first served system, so don’t hesitate, get in touch with the crew at the shop.

To enquire or book, email us at info@standupsurfshop.com.au and put 2021 Exmouth Foil Trip in the subject line.

Accommodation Options

Stand Up Surf Shop have secured a number of powered sites at the RAC Exmouth Cape Holiday Park,  for tents, caravans or camper trailers.  To get one of these sites, you need to book through Stand Up Surf Shop (email info@standupsurfshop.com.au).

We are limited to one x vehicle per site, with an option to leave some cars off site to fit people in.

All sites are priced equally (two person per site) with additional costs per person above two people.

Option 1 – Book a Site, 5x Available, min 4 people

Book a whole site, for you and the family or you and your foiling crew. Please note there is only one vehicle per site so you may need to leave additional cars off site.

Cost $576 for 2 people, plus $15 for each additional adult and $10 for each additional child per night. Deposit $200 to secure the site and pay the remainder 3 weeks before.

** Minimum 4 people to book a site We have secured a limited number of sites, so we are not taking bookings for a whole site for less than 4 people – we want as many frothers to be with us as possible. If you want the space to spread out or the privacy, simply book your own accommodation and join us for the foiling.**

Option 2 – Flying Solo

Book a place for yourself and we will find other crew to join you, splitting the cost between those on the site. Again, we need to consider cars here as we can only have 1 per site, meaning you may need to leave your car off site.

Cost $576 for 2 people, plus $15 for each additional adult per night – with the total cost being split between those on the site. Deposit $75 to secure your spot and remainder payable 3 weeks before.

Options 3 – Couples or Mates

Coming with someone, but not enough for a full site? Just book for 2 or 3 people and we will pair you up with others to keep cost down (max 6 people per site).  Once again, note we are only allowed one car per site so you might need to leave your car off site.

Cost $576 for 2 people, plus $15 for each additional adult per night – with the total cost being split between those on the site. Deposit $150 to secure your spot per 2 or 3 people, with the remainder payable 3 weeks before.

What If I’m Already Booked For Exmouth?

Perfect! If you’d already booked and want to be kept in the loop with where we will be foiling and socialising, just drop us an email with your details and we’ll keep you in the loop.

Just Do It

Already dreaming of sunny days, crystal clear water and uncrowded waves? We are…..lock it in!!