Offering the perfect blend of the Spitfire’s maneuverability and fluidity of turning, with the ART PRO’s high-performance glide and speed. The ART v2 is a High Aspect wing sporting an Aspect Ratio of aprx. 10 across the series, fitting perfectly between the Spitfire (average 7.5 AR) and the ART PRO (12+ AR). And as any v2 should, it just does everything much better!
Wingers, whether you are free riding, wave riding or just chasing the ultimate in efficient cruising, you will love the speed, balance, stability, turning and carving of the ART v2 in all wind and water conditions. And if you are freestyling, the ART v2 is reinforced with Ultra High Modulus carbon to take your maneuvers.
Because of the Spitfire’s multitalented well behaved DNA, it is also the wing that will give wing foilers the confidence to use it in other foiling disciplines such as prone, downwind, SUP, FoilDrive (FD), windsurf, wake or kite. It’s a wing that excels at winging, while outperforming the rest of the market in every other foiling activity.

The ART v2’s intuitive design supports smooth and safe progression across all foiling disciplines, encouraging you to push your limits and discover new possibilities on the water.
The ART v2 stands out with its smooth transitions and predictable maneuverability, making it a no-brainer for all foil disciplines. With an aspect ratio of 10, the ART V2 has outstanding glide efficiency and holds its own in the speed department, providing easy entry and excellent performance for downwind voyagers.

Available in the following wingspan lengths:
999 (area 1038cm2),
939 (area 900cm2),
879 (area 790cm2),
Aspect Ratio of ~10

From the Science Lab department:
At first glance, the straight median line, reduced turn-down and increased taper might fool you into believing you’re just looking at the love child of a Spitfire and an ART PRO. But that would be too easy. Design-wise we worked to achieve a perfectly elliptical span-wise lift distribution while pushing the boundaries of 2nd moment of area for roll. To do this we increased the chord at the centre compared to the tips. Achieving our goals, good early lift, looser more predictable carving, great glide and easy pumping are only some of the benefits of this foil.
We have strategically reinforced the ART v2 with Ultra High Modulus carbon in addition to our existing layups for feel, performance and strength.
The ART v2 comes with a custom fitted and designed bag, with unique X-Ply / Mylar material, and reinforcements, to keep your foil well protected from impact, and elements. Reflected print was also added for extra visibility during low light transport.




Weight 3 kg

879, 939, 999

Axis Front Wing ART V2


The AXIS ART v2 is a brand-new foil series that sits between the AXIS Spitfire and ART PRO wing ranges
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