Our research team is constantly exploring the subtleties of rear wing design and the difference even small changes can make to performance and handling.

With five distinct ranges to cover all foiling disciplines, you can be sure that AXIS has the perfect rear wing for you. See the range summary and table to make your selection. As a rule of thumb, smaller rear wings will loosen up your set up for tight carving, but will also reduce stability and pumpability.

These wider chord wings are the perfect choice for beginner wingers, windsurfers and SUP foilers. The design emphasis is on easy lift, stability and predictable turning. The 440/90, paired with our BSC 1060 front wing, is the popular choice for learning to wing foil.

These wings are unashamedly focussed on maximising the distance and glide from your pumping. The rear wing of choice for dock foilers paired with our larger PNG and BSC front wings.


With a high aspect plan shape and distinctive winglets on the tips, our Speed rear wings provide great yaw stability for a fast locked in feel for flying and pumping at serious canted angles


Weight 2 kg
Wing Span

340 Carbon Freeride, 370 Carbon Freeride, 380 Carbon Speed, 400 Carbon Freeride, 400 Carbon Speed (Flat), 420 Carbon Speed, 440 Carbon Freeride, 460 Carbon Pump Flat, 500 Carbon Freeride

Axis Rear Wings


AXIS Carbon rear wings, full range for all riders and conditions.
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